Berg v Obama Update From Philip Berg – Larry Sinclair Burr Under Obama’s Saddle – Thank You Australia – The BOPAC Report

The BOPAC Report –

Berg v Obama – Just a reminder, Berg v Obama is still alive in the 3rd Circuit.  Philip Berg has a new update up.

Larry Sinclair – Larry continues to be a burr under BOPAC’s saddle.  (Wait with his donkey, I guess he is a burr under his blanket.)  Anyway, Mr. Sinclair says he is in the process of contacting Pakistani Officials! Ouch!

Monday, January 26, 2009


Could Pakistan officials simply be waiting to blackmail the illegal Obama administration to secure more US Dollars and or influence the US’s official position in the Pakistan/India conflict?
Is Obama ordering air strikes inside Pakistan for the purpose of creating more unrest inside Pakistan itself? Is Obama willing to bet his administration on the hope that Pakistan never reveals the immigration records from his 1981 entry into Pakistan?  Continue Reading

Foreign Sites are continuing to do the job of the American News Media –
Thank you Australia! carried the post I put up yesterday that was written around Dr. Orly Taitz’s post:

Open letter to Chief Justice Roberts from LtCol Earl Graef

LtCol Graef’s opening sentences reached me and many others.  I hope they will reach the Supreme Court.

I can not express in words the disappointment I feel regarding the recent actions of the Court to deny those of us in the military important answers to questions regarding our Constitutional duty as clearly stated in our Oath of Office. While these actions are not an injury such as one might sustain on the field of battle, they constitute an egregious injury to the faith I have placed in the court.  Continue Reading Dr. Orly’s Post

The Australian Post is found here.  (Note – Title name was changed at editor’s request. I am aware of typo and it should be corrected.)

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