Chief Justice Roberts Disappointing Military Officer By Covering For Obama

The BOPAC Report –

Yesterday, I had a post up:

Chief Justice Roberts – Keeper of America’s Future
(Respect for the Law or Disillusionment

In part, the post pled for you to protect the sanctity of the law.

…And from that very act, one loses a certain degree of respect for the sanctity of all laws…

Please don’t let the ‘one’ referred to be Chief Justice Roberts, because if you lose your respect for the sanctity of the law, America will be lost on her path.

The ‘act’ as referring to Chief Justice Roberts is that you appear to have chosen to deny access to a class of plaintiffs with legitimate grievances against Barack Obama (Soetoro) because of political pressure. The class of plaintiffs is anyone who is challenging the eligibility of Obama to serve as President.

Maybe you’re worried about your place in the history books or some other personal reason, but the Supreme Court denying a plaintiff an opportunity to be heard and present evidence that would protect and enforce a Constitutional provision is tragic on so many levels.

This time in Lightfoot v Bowen, you denied the plaintiffs their right to be heard.

…And from that very act, one loses a certain degree of respect for the sanctity of all laws…

What will it be next time?

Will it be easier now that you appear to have committed your first ‘act’?

Next time, the ‘right’ may be a “Fundamental Right” such as the right of a criminal defendant to be heard and confront his accuser.

Would you deny a “Defendant’s Fundamental Right” because of the road you appear to be on?

I pray you would not.

What if next time, instead of a Plaintiff, you have before you a Defendant? What if the Defendant is a member of the United States military that has refused to follow an “Order” from the ‘President’ because he or she reasonably believes it to an “Unlawful Order” that came from a person who may well be ineligible to serve as President?

Given that you may have committed your first ‘act’, could you now deny a soldier who is trying to live up to their oath?

I pray you could not.

However, I’m honestly not sure about you or any of the other Justices at this point in time.

Today, America’s future looks a lot bleaker because of your apparent failure to protect the Constitution by not honoring your oath of office. I had always believed in and counted on the Supreme Court to be above politics. It looks like I was wrong.

Dr. Orly has posted a heartfelt letter from a Lt. Col. in the United States military to you, Chief Justice. I hope you will consider it!

Monday, January 26, 2009
Open letter to Chief Justice Roberts from LtCol Earl Graef
Orly , Please at your discretion post this letter.
Memorandum and Open Letter

From: LtCol. David A. Earl-Graef

To: Chief Justice John G. Roberts

Date: 26 Jan 2006


I can not express in words the disappointment I feel regarding the recent actions of the Court to deny those of us in the military important answers to questions regarding our Constitutional duty as clearly stated in our Oath of Office. While these actions are not an injury such as one might sustain on the field of battle, they constitute an egregious injury to the faith I have placed in the court. While I can not say that of its nature the injury is mortal, it is not without morbidity! While I can not say that I shall succumb to it, the actions of the Court have deeply wounded the spirit of this American Soldier. I am left brokenhearted and conflicted in this moment to the point of tears.

I had earlier written to you and asked that you consider the Oath of Office that I took and every American Soldier takes and asked that you honor and respect its sacred vows in your actions. I ask you now in your heart; have you done this?….Continue Reading

One more question for you Chief Justice Roberts. Have you considered Larry Sinclair’s allegations that Obama may now be a war criminal because he has ordered attacks on Pakistan without having the legal capacity to issue lawful orders?

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