The BOPAC Report – Larry Sinclair Has a Great Point Regarding Obama and Pakistan!

The BOPAC Report –

Thanks JJ for sending Larry Sinclair’s post.  Larry Sinclair makes perfect sense and I agree with his analysis of BOPAC’s lack of authority to order anything other than Pizza.  If Pakistan can show that Obama traveled to Pakistan in 1981 on an Indonesian Passport, they would have good reason to suspect that Obama is not the legitimate President of the United States of America, but merely another Chicago thug.  Interesting article Mr. Sinclair!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Before going to bed last night the news wires were smoking with official calls from Pakistan officials that the United States as Barack Obama immediately cease its air strikes into Pakistan. Pakistan officials clearly instruct Obama that it will not tolerate the murder of civilians as occurred Friday in the US Air Strikes into the sovereign Nation Pakistan.

I take this time to urge any and all US Military personnel to refrain from implementing any directives issued from the Obama White House until such time as Barack Obama has demonstrated that he is legally entitled to hold the office of POTUS.

I urge Pakistan and any other Country that has civilian deaths as the result of any Obama order to immediately issue a warrant for the arrest and extradition of Barack Obama to that country to face charges of MURDER in light of the fact that Barack Obama is not a legally sitting President of the United States. Pakistan officials have every legal and moral obligation to demand the arrest and extradition of Barack Obama at this time. To Comment Continue to Larry’s Site

For those of you who do not know, Larry Sinclair has alleged that he and Obama did cocaine and engaged in consensual sex in 1999 (among other things).  Larry has been threatened and his family threatened by Obama supporters.  But, Larry Sinclair continues to tell his story while the media dreams of a night with Obama.

As usual, the media is AWOL!

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