Rush Limbaugh- Obama – Tom Kovach – Free Speech – Unlawful Orders – Birth Certificate Issue

The BOPAC Report-

America Must Protect Free Speech If She Has Any Chance of Finding Her Way Back to the Constitution

I am still deeply troubled by the countless attacks against free speech that have been occurring on the internet for the past year. If America has any chance of finding it’s way back to the Constitution, Free Speech is critical and must be protected.

Now, Obama is attacking Rush Limbaugh and the media plays right along, shirking their responsibility to inform America of the news. The Media continues to hump BOPAC’s leg and present views only from those who do not disagree with the talking points that have been passed around the major networks.(Especially, if a view involves any serious criticism of Obama.) Instead of Obama instructing Republicans to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh, he should have the courage to go on Rush’s radio show and see if he can compete with his ideas. I would bet Obama would fail miserably without his teleprompter.

Remember last year, when Senator Harry Reid and the media took Rush Limbaugh’s comments completely out of context to say he (Rush of all people) somehow disparaged our military. Harry Reid wrote a letter to the head of a radio network in hopes that he would punish Mr. Limbaugh and then stood on the Senate floor condemning Mr. Limbaugh, a private citizen. The punishment didn’t happen, because everyone with half a brain knows that there is no bigger supporter of the American Military.

Rush got the letter written by Harry Reid and put it up on e-bay. Well, needless to say the bidding was amazing. Rush matched the final bid and over 4 million dollars for a charity that assists the children of Marines and law-enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. At the time, it was the largest amount ever raised on e-bay for charity. The Media was mum. Unlike today, when Obama tries to establish what is acceptable to think.

There would not be a Barack Obama but for the embarrassing support from the media! Last week,I saw where Obama’s inauguration received 35 times the coverage that President Bush received for his. Yes, everyday the media gladly humps Obama’s leg and remains oblivious to the news. The media has continued to hide and misreport the fact that 30 plus lawsuits are in the courts challenging Obama’s eligibility to serve as President. These lawsuits have been trying to avert the greatest Constitutional crisis America has ever faced.

The likelihood that Obama does not qualify as a “Natural Born Citizen” as is required under the Constitution is a very serious matter. There is no provision to allow Obama to remain in Office if he has in fact managed to defame/usurp the Office of the Presidency and our Constitution. In fact, every executive order, law, etc. that Obama signs is fatally flawed.

Just consider this last point that all laws would be fatally flawed, it also applies to every order given by Obama in his position as Commander and Chief of the American Military. Several of the current lawsuits underway, do in fact have plaintiffs who are connected with the military and are asking the question, “should I follow the orders of Obama if he is not eligible to serve?” My opinion is that they should not follow such orders. However, when Tom Kovach raised this issue and proffered the same conclusion in an article called “The Obama Oxymoron”, his site was hacked into and the center column of his site made blank. Mr. Kovach has provided an additional location to view The Obama Oxymoron.

It’s fairly simple for me:
Lawful orders are lawful orders and unlawful orders are unlawful! How can anyone serving as President who is not a “Natural Born Citizen” issue any lawful orders?

Again I say, if America has any chance of finding it’s way back to the Constitution, Free Speech is critical and must be protected. Not selective Freedom of Speech, but Freedom to convey ideas that the Obama Administration may disagree, like Obama cannot issue lawful orders to the American Military if he is not a “Natural Born Citizen” must be protected!)

Obama has spent thousands and thousands of dollars trying to hide his long form birth certificate and fighting every effort to discover the facts regarding his citizenship and birth. The possibility that some members of our military may risk their liberty and careers and decide not to follow Obama’s orders should override Obama’s interest in preventing disclosure of his “long form” birth certificate.

This is an important issue and efforts are underway across the nation to force Obama to demonstrate that he meets the Constitutional eligibility requirements for the Presidency of the United States. To date, no court has looked at the underlying merits of any of these lawsuits. There have been technical “legal fictions” that have been relied upon as road blocks, such as “standing” to bring the suit.

Actually, most judges are politicians and are scared to do the right thing. Eventually, one or two of these suits (or one yet to be filed) will see the light of day and Obama will need to address these issues. Efforts are also underway to encourage the 50 states to require legitimate proof of citizenship status before the next election. If you would like to research the issues for yourself, the following sites provide a good starting point.

Please visit the internets sites of just a few of these lawsuits:

Berg v. Obama

Lightfoot v. Bowen

Broe v Reed

Other Sites with a lot of information about legal actions against Obama:




The Peoples Passion

Restore the Constitutional Republic

For another side of Obama that the main stream news is running away from:

Larry Sinclair

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