The BOPAC Report – Lightfoot v Bowen – Supplemental Brief Distributed Before Supreme Court – Obama Eligibility

The BOPAC Report

Update from Dr. Orly’s Blog:

…But the good news is, the supplemental brief was added and distributed to the justices!…

…This Supplemental Brief contains a copy of the legal action by Attorney Orly Taitz that was filed on behalf of Ambassador Dr. Allen Keyes, Wiley S. Drake and Markham Robinson in the Federal Court, Central District of Santa Ana, California. It is a legal action challenging the legitimacy of the Presidency of Barack Obama under the Executive Order issued by President Bush on January 16th. This action is seeking the mandate for the US State Department, the FBI and the Director of the Personnel Department to seek the documents for verifying Obama’s legitimacy as President and also his citizenship of the United States…Read Dr. Orly’s Post

Dec 12 2008 Application (08A524) for a stay pending the filing and disposition of a petition for a writ of certiorari, submitted to Justice Kennedy.
Dec 17 2008 Application (08A524) denied by Justice Kennedy.
Dec 29 2008 Application (08A524) refiled and submitted to The Chief Justice.
Jan 7 2009 DISTRIBUTED for Conference of January 23, 2009.
Jan 7 2009 Application (08A524) referred to the Court.
Jan 13 2009 Suggestion for recusal received from applicant.
Jan 22 2009
Supplemental brief of applicant Gail Lightfoot, et al. filed. (Distributed)

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