Lightfoot v Bowen Docket Disappears – Conference on Friday – Dr. Orly Sends Out Subpoenas – BOPAC Retakes Oath

The BOPAC Report

Update: 11:13am – Lightfoot v Bowen docket back up at Supreme Court!

Yesterday, several cases disappeared from the online Supreme Court docket.  Lightfoot v Bowen was one of the cases that has disappeared.  However, the Conference should proceed on Friday unless there are some unethical shenanigans going on. There is also speculation that this resulted from technical cliches.  Zapen has google’s cache version up on its site.

Dr. Orly Taitz has issued numerous subpoenas regarding her lawsuits challenging Obama’s lack of eligibility to hold the Office of the Presidency under the Constitution of the United States.

Documents to include:

Certified copy of original long vault birth certificate
Certified copies of any and all passports and passport applications held in the U.S., Indonesia, Great Britain and Kenya.
Certified copies of any and all school applications, school registrations, grant or student loan applications or funding received for Occidental College, Columbia University, Columbia College, Harvard University
Certified copies of any U.S. Port of Entry Records
Certified copies of any documentation pertaining to Social Security. Documentation showing multiple social security numbers being held
Certified copies of documentation showing a social security number being applied for in the state of Connecticut
Certified copies of immigration and naturalization records
Certified copies of any records showing legal name and name change…Continue Reading

BOPAC’s Supporters Continue Assault on Freedom of Speech – A Tom Kovach article was removed from his website recently.  The article in question was urging military members to only follow lawful orders.   So, if the facts are as they appear in lawsuits such as Berg v Obama, Lightfoot v Bowen, Hollister v Barry Soetoro, a/k/a Barack Obama, Broe v Reed, Wrotnowski v Bysiewicz, Keyes v Obama, et. al., how can BOPAC actually give any lawful orders?

It seems the Joint Chiefs of Staff would want to get to bottom of this issue before military cohesion is disrupted by an issue that could be totally resolved by Obama sharing appropriate documents.  I would not urge members of the military to go so far as to disobey orders directly up the chain of command; however, if you are concerned, you may want to contact your local JAG office.  (Be advised that whoever is first to takes such steps may be made an example of!)

The reaction to Obama’s first commandments of omnipresent wisdom have been met with the following reaction as reported on FOX:

Family members of people killed on September 11, 2001, and in other terror attacks say they are outraged by President Obama’s draft order calling for the suspension of war crimes trials of prisoners being held at Guantanamo Bay.

Larry Sinclair, the man who says that he and Obama had sex and used cocaine in 1999, is reporting that Obama was required to retake the Oath of Office.

Try to make it a great day even though we are living in Obama’s Situational World. The second time, in BOPAC’s Situational World, when he took the oath, the situation clearly indicated that no Bible was needed.

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