Globe – Obama’s Shocking Secrets – Birth Certificate – Larry Sinclair

The BOPAC Report

Globe Magazine continues to do the job of mainstream media.

The Shocking Secrets That Could Destroy Obama’s Presidency!

It’s the story every American needs to read! Barack Obama is hiding eight shocking secrets that could destroy his presidency before it even gets off the ground, political insiders say. In a blockbuster Special Report, insiders rip the lid off the scandals about where Obama was REALLY born, his sex life, drug abuse and the mysterious past he’s hiding from the world. The new President has artfully dodged some of the most serious questions ever posed to a Commander-in-Chief. But top political leaders are demanding answers NOW – and the mounting pressure could trigger a firestorm that will bring down his administration. Don’t miss a single word – only in GLOBE!

“…his sex life, drug abuse…”  This must be about Larry Sinclair’s allegations that he and BOPAC used cocaine and engaged in consensual sex in 1999!

Thank you Globe for reporting!

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