The BOPAC Report – Tic, Tic, Tic – How Long Can Obama Hide The Truth?

The BOPAC Report –  There appears to be a slow methodical process taking place regarding the challenges to BOPAC’s eligibility to hold the Office of the Presidency.

The Right Side of Life is reporting that in Keyes v Bowen a Subpoena duces tecum has been issued/requested for BOPAC’s Occidental College records.

They are also reporting on Stephen Pidgeon‘s progress in Broe v Reed:

…Currently we have the following activities taking place:

* A London Solicitor is working on the UK connection
* We have Operatives on both coasts looking for the POE information
* We have SERIOUS leads in Seattle
* A few leads in DC are being followed
* Related to the Document number released earlier, there is follow-up underway. (Nope, no document yet… but this is NOT discouraging news….)

>> Stephen is scheduled to be on Plains Radio tonight. He is in the middle of a trial that has gone longer then expected. He will call in once he gets out of court. There is a 2 hours time zone difference… So I am not able to say exactly what time he will be on.

>> Stephen met with some of the Plaintiffs on Broe vs Reed last night. He has a second meeting planned. He will update us on this meeting.

>> Stephen says “Let everyone know, that this issue will never be moot as long as Obama is President.” He does not want us to get into a feeding frenzy over the looming inauguration….Read Article

Tic, tic, tic – BOPAC will not be able to hide from the truth forever.  It would better for the country if this comes out sooner rather than later given that every document BOPAC signs as President will be of no effect.  The President of the United States MUST be a Natural Born Citizen and it is looking more and more like Obama was born in Kenya.  Time will tell.

Where is the media?  AWOL as ususal!  Just like they ignored Larry Sinclair’s allegations that he and BOPAC did cocaine and engaged in consensual sex in 1999, they are ignoring the 33 lawsuits challenging BOPAC’s eligibility.

I want to urge people to not  get discouraged and to keep contacting Senators, Represenatives, the Supreme Court and other courts regarding these lawsuits.  The truth will come out in time.

Also remember – Berg v Obama is still alive in the Circuit Court and Mr. Berg has several other actions against BOPAC.

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