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The BOPAC Report!

Today the Supreme Court revisits Berg v Obama.

I’ve seen a lot of speculation about what the Supreme Court may be trying to do with the Obama eligibility challenges. However, I don’t look for anything to happen at this point in time with the issue.  Nevertheless, Berg v Obama remains alive in the 3rd Circuit.  Next Friday, Lightfoot v Bowen will go into Conference before the Court. Dr. Orly has recently filed an important new  Motion in Lightfoot v Bowen with the Court and it is an excellent read:

AMENDMENT 20, PER RULE 21 (2)(B) & (4)

Hopefully by January 23, 2009, the Court will have everything they need in place to exercise  courage and protect the Constitution!

The BOPAC Administration continues to play fast and loose with idea that ethics matter when it comes to his appointments and Party.  Today, The American Thinker has a very good article looking at the whole Timothy Geithner appointment problem.

Why Geithner and Rangel Matter

By C. Edmund Wright

The Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and the U.S. Treasury Secretary  are literally the two highest ranking political figures with regard to the Internal Revenue Service.  If any two people on the planet should set an example in their tax behavior, it is the two people who hold those positions and anyone who aspires to them.

Inspired by their recent behavior, I left a question on my corporate accountant’s voice mail today. “Jim, I just want to know if I can simply pay taxes just the way the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee OR the incoming Secretary of the Treausurer pay them?”
He laughed, and replied “of course… as long as you don’t mind doing some time.”  Well, this explains why we go to great pains to make sure our company is in compliance while preserving as much of our business capital as possible each and every year
Charles Rangel and Timothy Geithner are apparently somewhat more casual about tax compliance, taking hypocrisy and irony to new levels in the process.
As the Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, Rangel is literally the most influential member of Congress related to taxing and spending. As we found out in September, Rangel decided that he was above paying taxes on rental income on some houses he owned in the Dominican Republic
And as we found out days ago, the man appointed by Barack Obama to run the Treasury Department — of which the IRS is a major part — has also considered himself above the tax laws that haunt the rest of us.
Please understand these two people will have tremendous influence on how our tax laws are written and that they will expect every damned one of us to follow that 66 thousand page tax code to the letter. Or as Joe Biden would say, they expect us to “be patriotic” and to do so accurately.
Which makes the excuses rendered by Rangel jaw dropping. These are exuses I would not recommend you try at home.  Look at some of the explanation from Rangel and his attorney Lanny Davis (along with some comments.)
“Mr. Davis said the congressman did not realize he had to declare the money as income, and was unaware of the semiannual payments from the resort because his wife, Alma, handled the family finances and conferred with their accountant, John Viardi, on tax matters.” (New York Times, September 5).
Yeah, right. Let  you or me try to claim the ignorant wife and accountant as a defense to the IRS….Continue Reading

I am reminded of when the issue of a Tax Lien related to Joe The Plumber was discovered.  The Media went out of their way to crucify Joe The Plumber because he dared to question BOPAC.  Today, the Media continues to downplay the significance of the likely criminal conduct of Charles Rangel and Timothy Geithner.  The Media embraces being AWOL from their profession of Journalism when anything shines  light on BOPAC.   Thank goodness for the internet and bloggers – otherwise, people would not find anything about BOPAC’s failings such as his possible violations of the Logan Act, his Birth Certificate issue, the 33 legal challenges to his eligibility, Larry Sinclair, Ayers, ACORN, etc., etc., etc.

Also today, Globe Magazine continues to do the job of the Media with its coverage of The BOPAC marriage and BOPAC’s mothers divorce papers:

Obama Marriage Crisis

BARACK Obama and his wife Michelle have been trapped in an unhappy marriage! In a blockbuster GLOBE exclusive, friends rip the lid off the couple’s bitter fights and predict the pressures of the White House could push the relationship to the breaking point. And in another stunning report, GLOBE exposes the bombshell secrets revealed in the divorce papers filed by Obama’s mom when she dumped his abusive father.

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