CitizenWells’ Reader Katie Post – Excellent! Dr. Orly Posts Important Letter!

The BOPAC Report!

Today, CitizenWells had a comment that I would like to share.  Thank You Katie.

  • Katie // January 16, 2009 at 11:12 am

    Recently I attended a meeting of the We The People Foundation and I can describe it in two words. LIFE CHANGING.

    I urge all of you to look at the schedule on this link. If you are anywhere within 200 miles of one of them, or know someone who is, YOU should go and listen and learn. Don’t question it…just find a way to get there. And bring people with you.

    I walked in not knowing anyone else or if I should be in this place. I walked out with a glimmer of light at the end of a very long tunnel that we have the ABILITY and the RIGHT and the birth of a PLAN of ACTION to take back our constitutional republic that has been violated so many times.

    I believe I learned more about history in those 3 hours than 4 years of high school. Folks…it’s 1774 all over again. The bad news is things are worse now than they were before the Revolutionary War. The good news is we don’t have to create a Constitution or Declaration of Independence. We already have the perfect documents and laws in place. They’re just not being followed.

    The beauty of this mission is IT ISN’T ABOUT POLITICAL PARTIES! It IS about Americans who love their country, are fed up with well- documented corruption in government, and are forming the plan to defend the Constitution, and dare I say it…”get the Government back on the side of the People” (wow! where did we hear that?)

    I’m personally tired of sitting at my desk, complaining about things, living in fear or depression, and am grateful to for helping me find an outlet for being proactive. You can, and should, too.

    My parents are elderly, but they were very active politically in the early 60’s. There are a lot of parallels with these times we’re in, but they agree, this is much, much more dire. I just spent two hours on the phone with them, and they heard a different daughter. They are encouraged now. It’s not too late, but there isn’t much time left, and if the Constitution continues to be violated in the direction we’re going, it won’t matter. Our lives as we know them are over.

    I see the internet as a huge tool to help us win this. The more we can focus our efforts in one place, with laser-like intensity, the sooner we can clean up this mess.

    This group is forming a Continental Congress – three citizen delegates from each state are being sought to go to Philadelphia in March for creating an action plan. (This is exactly what happened in 1774 – worked out pretty good, wouldn’t you say?) Bob Schulz spoke for almost 3 hours, giving a background, history and quotes from our Founding Fathers. YOU COULD HAVE HEARD A PIN DROP. To say we’re in similar circumstances is an understatement.

    Lots of people are sacrificing all they can for this organizations’ efforts. They’re not about profiting from this disaster. They’re about fixing it. You can get educated by going to their website at Click on the article posted on 12/20 “Summit Call” and work your way to more recent postings. Mr. Schulz explained that this would be the most logical way to understand what they’re doing.

    Yes, they need money. But they also need our time. And effort. Whatever special gifts, talents, or skills we can bring will be needed. Our government officials have become power hungry and it needs to end.

    1791 – First Amendment

Dr. Orly posts a letter that makes a plea to our Armed Forces:

Friday, January 16, 2009

Strong Plea to our Armed forces from Lt. Col. David A Earl-Graef

Friday, January 16, 2009 4:11 AM
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified “David Earl-Graef” View contact details To: dr_taitz@yahoo.comPlease post this ASAP. This is very Important
To ALL Who Serve,

You have expressed many kind thoughts about me and I am keenly aware that every single day you serve is an act of courage because you as well have pledged to support the Constitution of our great nation to the risk of grave peril. During these difficult times, I am reminded every day of the vision of the spirit of our country former President Ronald Reagan conveyed when he spoke of the General officers on their knees in the snow at Valley Forge. This for me remains the hope of this country and serves always to humble and remind me of their courage facing the onslaught of the mighty British Army. I think no less of the courage and valor of the General Officers in command of our fighting forces at this very difficult moment in our history.

I have every faith, trust and confidence, as should you, in our military leaders and would follow their lawful orders as all military should to the death. I am confident our voices have been heard so now as of 20 Jan. 2009 we must listen. Although I do not know them I trust they love our Country, care for you and have earned my respect and loyalty. They have never EVER given me a single reason by their ACTIONS to question them or their legal authority over me. Make no mistake I trust that they will do what is right for our country. My intentions have always been only to raise the awareness of the gravity of the situation and its inherent security risks. I stand on my actions and I have acted in good faith and believe I have just cause grounded on my trust in our Supreme Court and Chief Justice Roberts.

On 20 Jan. 2009, I will give respect to the OFFICE of the POTUS as I am required to do. You must as well. However, for me until the court tells me that Mr. Obama is constitutionally qualified or not I personally will remain conflicted because it is before the court and I look to them as the ultimate instrument to help me understand and interpret the Constitution which I am sworn to defend. However, we must each and every one act in good faith and in a way to support our country and our Oath and obey the orders of the officers above us until we know.

It is clear to me that if Mr. Obama would allow it; I would willingly render my absolute loyalty to the person, in this case Mr. Biden, as per the Constitution until such time as Mr. Obama qualifies. I believe you must as well. In addition if Mr. Oabama is found qualified by the Supreme Court I will likewise render loyalty until such time as I may be relieved of my obligation, if this is even possible, on legal or moral/ethical grounds. I simply pray, with an earnest heart for our country that this is brought to an expeditious and just resolution and that we ALL as Americans stand united, respectful and kind to each other. This too was the dream of our founding fathers and President Lincoln; “from many we become one.”


LtCol. David A. Earl-Graef USAFR MC

I admire this man’s courage! Thank you for your service!

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