Glenn Beck – Larry Sinclair & Obama – Berg v Obama – Will Glenn Ask About Any of These Issues?

Free Republic has an interesting post going:

It’s the Economy says Obama, No, It’s the Constitution says Philip Berg

It’s the Economy says Obama, No, It’s the Constitution says Philip Berg

The Reality Check ^ | January 10, 2009 | Rev. Michael Bresciani
Posted on Sunday, January 11, 2009 6:58:48 PM by Red Steel

Glenn Beck will start his new show on Fox News in only a few days. He wishes President Elect Obama success and his good will is commendable. With Obama as his first guest will he dare to ask him about the much disputed birth certificate or the question about his father’s Indonesian citizenship? Not likely!

Neither the Dem’s nor the GOP is happy with the Obama plan to re-vitalize the economy by producing a new spending package that makes a king’s ransom look like a pittance. His concern for the economy is read as hopeful by his devotees and as obfuscation by Attorney Philip Berg.

Pennsylvania’s Attorney Philip Berg has promised on his website ‘Obama Crimes’ to persist in his quest for the elusive birth certificate and the question of Obama’s Indonesian citizenship. Berg has kicked off two additional cases to answer the question and says “Also, we have pending two [2] other cases because we are determined, no matter how long it takes, to expose Obama’s “Hoax” on the 305 million people in our country, that Obama is “not qualified” pursuant to our U.S. Constitution to be President.” Obama Crimes Jan 9, 2008.

Many cases are pending that are asking the same question as Philip Berg. The question however simple now has a life of its own and it is now obvious it will not die easily. It is whether Barack Obama is in fact constitutionally eligible to assume the office of President. More than ten cases are pending throughout the country and new ones are planned until the matter is put to rest.

The latest challenge comes from Gregory S. Hollister a retired U.S. Air Force Colonel that like any military retiree could be called back to service at any time. It seems the Colonel is questioning whether Obama has the constitutional right to act as his Commander in Chief if he hasn’t the right to seek and assume the office of President. Can Obama act as his commander if he is actually the citizen of a foreign country?

The Hollister case filed in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia names Gregory S. Hollister as the plaintiff and Barry Soetero a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama as the defendant. Not many people know that the name that appears on Obama’s school records in Indonesia is indeed Barry Soetero. Although it is not mentioned in the charge that fact has also become one of the contentions of those who are questioning B.O. citizenship.

In Indonesia dual citizenship is not allowed by law. This simple fact would cancel and nullify Baracks US citizenship regardless of where he was born. What’s more is that there has been no public record in Indonesia or in the US of an official and legal name change from Barry Soetero to Barack Hussein Obama. Just who is it that won the general election in these United States? Apparently your guess is as good as mine.

Some contenders think Obama is like a receiver who has got the ball and thinks he can run with it even though the whistle has been blown. The whistle may be only in the background right now but the referee is about to catch another breath. What also is known about the Supreme Court of the US is that they usually decide these cases after the fact and not before. The inauguration will not make the question go away….Continue Reading

I agree. There is no way this issue is going away! I also agree that Glenn Beck is unlikely to ask about the Birth Certificate.  During the campaign, Mr. Beck was chastising everyone who brought it up on his radio show.  I like Glenn, but he is wrong on this one.  I really doubt Glenn Beck would bring up Larry Sinclair’s allegations that he and Obama did cocaine and engaged in consensual sex in 1999.  It would be so good to see!

Then there’s a letter to the Joint Chiefs of Staff on CitizenWells’ site:


Dr. Douglas W. Schell
Chairman, Restore the CONSTITUTIONAL  Republic


The Joint Chiefs of Staff

The United States is facing the worst Constitutional Crisis since South Carolina seceded from the Union. It could well split the military between those who will stand by the Constitution vs. those who stand by traitors in order to keep their military offices.   The major difference is that the secession was covered by the media of the day but this crisis is being hidden by the media or when covered, much misinformation has been provided to deceive We the People.  When we who know about this crisis try to BUY time on TV, we are refused.
1. The Electors failed to do their Constitutional duty after being educated as to the crisis.
2. On Jan 8, 2009, the entire Senate and House of Representatives dishonored their oath to sustain and defend the Constitution after also being educated about this crisis.
3. The Federal Courts, including the Supreme Court, are using all types of legal technicalities as an excuse not to keep their oath.
The ONLY group that is left to turn to is the military.  If you fail us we have two choices left.  First, we can submit to the fall of our Constitutional Republic and live under a New World Order or SECOND we can do as the Patriots did in 1776 and win back our liberties under God.  I believe most retired military will take that position as I would.  “Don’t Tread On Me” will be our theme like it was the former Patriots.
I spent four years as USAF Officer from 1963-1967.  Then, I spent 7 years as an Officer in the Indiana Air National Guard while obtaining my Doctorate Degree in Business at Indiana University.
When I was Commissioned as a USAF ROTC Officer at Penn State University in March, 1963, I swore to “Uphold and Defend the Constitution of the USA against ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC so help me God.”  I have always taken that oath seriously and feel it is still applicable even though I no longer serve in the USAF.
I KNOW that you took that same oath and hold it dear to your heart as I do.  I also KNOW that implied within that oath is to follow all orders given by the President as Commander in Chief IF they are Constitutional.  That oath clearly places loyalty to the Constitution above anyone who gives unlawful orders, including the POTUS.


There are three types of citizens.

First is the natural born.  This person can run for President if in addition he/she is at least 35 years old and has lived in the USA for 10 years or more.  The two relevant requirements to be natural born are listed below.

Second, is the native citizen.  This person is born to at least one parent who is an American citizen.

Third, is to become a naturalized citizen through a legally defined process.

It is either the second or third category that Mr. Obama belongs in.  In terms of elected office, all three types of citizens can legally run in EXCEPT for the office of POTUS.

THE PROBLEM is that Mr. Obama cannot be Commander in Chief and give any lawful orders to follow.  Why? ...Continue Reading

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