Obama – Media Bias – Birth Certificate – Berg v Obama – Larry Sinclair – Dustin Hoffman

I saw this headline today:

Survey: Reporters dropped ball covering meltdown
Jan 8 04:52 PM US/Eastern
AP Television Writer

NEW YORK (AP) – Signaling a look inward that echoes critiques of the media’s performance in the months before the Iraq War, some of the nation’s top financial journalists believe reporters dropped the ball as the nation’s economy tumbled toward crisis mode….Continue Reading

I think the bigger question is – What hasn’t the media dropped the ball on?

No wait.  The real question is – What hasn’t the media tried to hide the ball on?

Regarding the current financial mess, they down-played the role of Democratic Leadership’s involvement with the lowering of credit standards with which lending institutions  needed to comply.  They down-played the fact of Obama and other Democrats being recipients of big donations from the leadership of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac as they drove these institutions into the ground. Where have been the reporter questions of Barnie Frank and Chris Dodd?

They hid the ball concerning Sen. McCain, other Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats efforts to reign in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2005.

The media has consistently hid the ball on anything that challenged the Obama “Fairy Tale”.

The have been determined to hide the ball concerning all the legal challenges to Obama’s eligibility to hold the Office of the Presidency!

Where have the reporters been in following Berg v Obama?   This lawsuit is scheduled for Conference tomorrow before the Supreme Court to determine if they wish to grant Berg v. Obama Certiorari.  Where are the reporters asking questions about Philip Berg’s other case,  Hollister v Barry Soetoro a/k/a Obama?   When has any President Elect ever had his birth location and birth certificate challenged?   Where are the reporters?  AWOL – it not part of the “Fairy Tale”. In fact, many reporters have taken it upon themselves to spread misinformation this issue.

Where have the reporters been in following Lightfoot v Bowen?  This is Dr. Orly Taitz’s case which is also scheduled to come to Conference before the Supreme Court of the United States!  Conference will be on January 23, 2009, to determine if the Court wishes to grant Certiorari.  There are dozens of lawsuits challenging Obama’s eligibility to hold the Office.  The lawsuits will definitely continue should Obama take office because every paper/law he signs will be invalid.  Where are the reporters?  AWOL – it’s not part of the “Fairy Tale”.

Have you heard about all the media coverage concerning World Net Daily’s Petition drive that challenges Obama’s eligibility to serve and demands verification?  Nope   AWOL – it’s not part of the “Fairy Tale”.  Did you know that well over 200,000 ordinary U.S. citizens have signed it?  Nope  AWOL – it’s not part of the “Fairy Tale.”

Have the reporters been all over the fact that Obama has sent out teams of lawyers to beat back all these challenges to his Natural Born Citizen status?  He has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to hide something.  These lawsuits are asking for the original long form birth certificate which is located in Hawaii.  This document would end most of the controversy.  I believe Obama could request it from Hawaii for 10 or so dollars.  Would you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep a $10 document secret?  Why aren’t the reporters asking questions about this?  AWOL – it’s not part of the “Fairy Tale”.

Where were the reporter questions when Obama probably violated the Logan Act by his actions in Kenya and Iraq?  AWOL.

Where were the reporter questions concerning the numerous questionable characters in Obama’s life?  Wright, Odinga, Ayers, Michelle, Rezko, Gov. Blago, etc., etc., etc.   AWOL – it’s not part of the “Fairy Tale”.

Do you remember that the media hid the John Edward’s affair and baby story for months and months?  It took the National Enquirer to finally touch it.

Do you remember the sex story that the LA Times was supposedly sitting on because it could destroy one of the candidates?  I do.  It was a story that almost all of the media elites knew about, but they would not tell.  AWOL – it’s not part of the “Fairy Tale”.  There was a lot of speculation that it was the Larry Sinclair story.  In fact, Larry Sinclair has a new post up today that you might find interesting?

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Ladies and Gentleman, I think it is important to remind everyone that Barack Obama was given the opportunity to come clean on his 1999 drug dealing and use since September 2007. Not only has Obama failed to do that, he has not ONCE denied any portion of my allegations against him in regards to his selling an eight ball of cocaine to me, his smoking crack cocaine while receiving oral sex from me on two separate occasions. Hence I am re-posting an article published on an old WordPress blog.

INTRODUCING BARACK OBAMA: Drug Dealer, Drug User, Liar, Intimidator (Is Any One going to Demand Barack Obama Disclose His Past, or Do we Continue to Act Like He Is Above Question?

Well, I think you get the point.

Lastly, don’t forget to visit CitizenWells “Constitution Hall of Shame” to see the letters that were sent to U.S. citizens who questioned Obama’s eligibility.  The degree that these folks have their heads in the sand (or elsewhere) is amazing.

One more thing, I watched a movie last night that reminded me of the Obama “Fairy Tale”.  The name of the movie is “Hero” with Dustin Hoffman, Andy Garcia and Geena Davis.  I think the media and many people see Obama as John Bubber (Garcia).  I also see Chris Matthews as the reporter that was played by Geena Davis.  Pick anyone who has been under Obama’s bus as Dustin Hoffman.  It is a good movie as long as you don’t think about the fraud of the Obama “Fairy Tale”.

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