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At America’s Right, Jeff has a new post that reminisces about his connection with Berg v. Obama and gives details of the most recent conversation he had with Philip Berg.  The conversation also dealt with Hollister v. Soetoro.  Thank you Jeff and Mr. Berg for all of your efforts in protecting America and its People!

…You filed a new lawsuit last week. Tell me about it.

This lawsuit is an interpleader action, and the reason we went this way is because an interpleader action will shift the burden of proof to Barack Obama. Notice that we didn’t sue Obama, though. Ee sued Barry Soetoro, mainly because we believe that is his real name. We’ve seen no documentation showing that he has changed his name from Soetoro to Obama. So, when he was registering himself in all of the states—and there are 50 states, Barack—he was registering with the wrong name. That’s fraud. His name was Barry Soetoro when he was adopted in Indonesia, and nothing shows that it has been changed since.

Take for example if I adopt someone from Kenya, if I adopt a girl from Kenya, she would take my last name, Berg. And, if anything changed in the future, if she wanted to use another name for any reason, she would have to legally change that name.

Tell me about Col. Hollister.

Col. Hollister, the plaintiff, is a retired Air Force colonel, he’s about 52 years old or so, and served this country from 1978 to 1998 before being honorably discharged. During that time, when he served this country, he swore to protect America against all enemies foreign and domestic – which is interesting because, right now, we may have a domestic crisis going on.

Hollister contacted us. He’s not the only military man we’ve had contact us in hopes to help. We’ve had quite a few who, over the past few months, called to offer their support. He called us because he is perplexed. Here he is, on the Individual Ready Reserve—meaning that he is able, that he is subject to Presidential recall now and for the rest of his life—and he sees what’s going on across the world and he’s perplexed as to whether he could, if called up to serve again, follow orders from a Commander in Chief who may or may not be constitutionally eligible for that position. If Obama is sworn in on January 20th, if he takes that Oath of Office, he is usurping the powers of the president of the United States. And, when the truth comes out, and it will, it will mean that all of Obama’s laws and orders will be deemed invalid and will come back.

So Col. Hollister is perplexed. If he is called up, he has a duty to obey lawful orders from the Commander in Chief and on down the chain of command. And he would also have a duty to disobey unlawful orders. He took an Oath of Enlistment to fight for and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, but he’s confused because he doesn’t know who these duties will be owed to if Obama is sworn in. Is he qualified to be Commander in Chief? What if he was born in Kenya? What if he is an illegal alien?…  Continue Reading America’s Right.

The dicussion  turned to where YOU and I can do SOMETHING!

…On November 4th, he just got the popular votes. We tried to show that he shouldn’t have been on the ballot so we could avoid a constitutional crisis, but that obviously didn’t work. On December 15th, he just got the electoral votes. We pushed to stop that vote but were obviously unsuccessful. Those votes will be counted on Thursday, and barring anything drastic like a congressman standing up to protect, he will finally be President-Elect Barack Obama.

Georgia Congressman John Linder has reportedly mentioned that he might stand up to object to the counting of the electoral votes. Of course, there are so many wild rumors flying around with regard to this issue, I’ve just been numb. Still, if that’s true—and I should try to get in touch with his office—what do you make of it?

I heard about that, but like you I don’t know if it’s true or not. If it is, I think it would be great. I think all members of Congress should stand up and object. They can only ratify the vote of a qualified person, and like it or not there is an issue out there that that person may not be qualified. We’re headed for a constitutional crisis, we’re headed for a situation where Obama could be blackmailed.

People in the upper echelons know that we’re right. Obama has been vetted by the FBI and the Secret Service and other agencies responsible for that sort of thing. We have that information from people overseas. He’s been vetted, and those agencies, those people in the upper echelons know the truth. They have to. Howard Dean had an obligation, on August 22nd, a day after I filed this lawsuit, to call Obama in and ask him, “are you natural born, is there anything to this?” They know what’s going on. And there are people out there with more money than I have, far more powerful than I could ever be, and they’re finding out the truth. Certain people in this country know what’s going on, too – Dean, Michelle, Barack, and more. They should be subject to our criminal justice system.

But blackmail would–

He can be put into a position where he can be blackmailed internally and externally. This cabinet, for example, is a shock. Robert Gates? What’s to say that the defense people didn’t sit down and say something along the lines of “play ball or else?” I don’t know for sure, nobody but those in the room know for sure, but you can’t tell me that people aren’t aware of this….Continue Reading America’s Right.

This is only one of the reasons you and I should be on the phone this week with Members of Congress!  The main reason is to Protect the Constitution of the United States of America!  CALL THIS WEEK. Contact the Supreme Court also this week about the Conference on Friday, January 9, 2009, to urge them to grant Cert. in Berg v. Obama.

Contact information for members of the Senate and House can be found at CitizenWells’ “Constitution Hall of Shame” page.

Contact your local media and try to help them pull their heads out of the sand!   The main stream media will continue to be AWOL!   Just like they have been AWOL concerning Larry Sinclair’s allegations the he and Obama used cocaine and engaged in consensual sex in 1999, they will hide and long as they can possibly hide.  We need to put pressure on our local media.

Let’s see:  Larry Sinclair, Berg v Obama, 20+ other lawsuits contesting Obama’s eligibility, Tony Rezko, William Ayers, Rev. Wright, possible violations of the Logan Act, Hollister v. Soetoro, Gov. Blagojevich , Michael Pfleger, Odingo, Kenya, Birth Certificate controversy, Obama/Soetoro, Larry Sinclair’s allegations concerning Donald Young/Nick Colvin, and now this week – Globe Magazine is covering Obama’s Eligibility Issue –  It’s time for the Media to come clean and start acting like jounalists!

Come clean about the “fairy tale” you and Obama’s campaign sold the voters!

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    Hmmm…an interesting post, Mr. Jones. Happy New Year sir.

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