Obama wins another award from 2008!

Obama On Judicial Watch’s “Washington’s 10 Most Wanted Politicians”, CitizenWell’s “Man of the Year” on the “Constitution Hall of Shame”

Yesterday, Barack H. Obama won the 2008 “Man of the Year” on Citizenwells’ “Constitution Hall of Shame.”

A Military Times Poll shows that our military men and women have a lot of doubts about an Obama Commander in Chief.

There’s one more important award that Barack H. Obama won in 2008 that I overlooked!

International Business Times reports that Barack Obama has made Judicial Watch’s list of Washington’s 10 Most Wanted Politicians! Excellent Choice!

Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2008

…President-Elect Barack Obama (D-IL): As Barack Obama assumes thepresidency he already brings to the White House a large amount of ethicalbaggage. Obama’s presidential campaign had some of the ethical trimmingsof a Chicago ward election. It was marked with enormous corruption issues,ranging from its alliance with the sleazy ACORN operation’s “voterregistration” and “get out the vote” efforts to its acceptance ofuntraceable, and in too many cases, illegal online contributions. Thereare also Obama’s corrupt dealings with convicted felon Tony Rezko andunrepentant terrorist William Ayers, his below-market rate mortgage loans,his stock dealings and related “earmark” votes in the U.S. Senate, and hismissing or non-existent official papers from his years in the IllinoisState Senate. His ongoing cover up of his and his team’s role in theBlagojevich “pay-to-play” scandal is ruining his presidency even before hetakes the oath of office….Continue Reading!

Where are are Media? AWOL again! When will they report on Larry Sinclair’s allegations that he and Obama used cocaine and engaged in consensual sex in 1999? When will they report on Berg v. Obama being discussed on January 9, 2009, in a U.S. Supreme Court Conference? When will the Media accurately report on the Obama birth certificate controversity? When will they report on Sen. Obama’s possible violations of the Logan Act in 2008?

Dr. Orly
has an interesting post up today, the subject of which the Media has also neglected to report.

ATI News President O’Leary-“Obama has shown a stunning lack of tolerance for free speech”
“… ATI-News President Brad O’Leary examined Obama’s legal and organizational attempts to silence media detractors during the presidential race and found, “Obama has shown a stunning lack of tolerance for free speech throughout the course of this campaign.””* * http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=84939 Obama radio critic finds talk show time slashed
Program host: ‘I’m just trying to bring to light what he’s said’…Continue Reading!

So, I wonder if Obama will win the 2009 Enemy of The First Amendment Award?

It really is time for the Media to stop trying to sell their Obama Fairy Tale! People are just beginning to become aware and many are having buyer’s remorse. You think your readership is bad now, just keep up your nonsense for another year.

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