Obama Continues To Hide Long Form of Birth Certificate – Berg Calls Obama Out – Dr. Orly

Dr. Orly, in her continuing efforts to discover the truth about Obama’s Birth Certificate, has a new post up that dispels the recent efforts of Obama supporters to make this issue go away.

However, the part of the article that interests me the most is the “Common Sense” analysis of Berg calling Obama out regarding his original long form birth certificate (which has never been presented). Instead of producing this document and putting all of the allegations to rest, Obama chose to lawyer up and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep the document secret. As Dr. Orly states, “Where there is smoke, there is fire.” How true – that’s what most people’s experience teaches.

…As Berg has revealed, when he first filed his lawsuit in August, he fully expected that he would be hit with a defamation suit by the Obama camp and that a certified copy of Obama’s long form Hawaiian birth certificate would be made public. Neither of these events occurred.

Instead, Obama hired a team of lawyers, from Sandler, Reif and Young, PC (a lawfirm that has repeatedly defended “unindicted co-conspirators”, the Council on American-Islamic Relations) to prevent the release of his birth records. And over the months, Obama spent considerable sums of money in one legal maneuver after another to keep his documents from being released.

In other words, Berg “called Obama out”. That is, Berg “called Obama’s bluff”. The only way to tell if these discussions on the internet were just a dumb rumor or two about Obama’s birth location and eligibility was to call Obama’s bluff, which Berg did.

When Obama responded the way he did, then suspicions were raised. At that point, this turned from just another silly uncomfirmed rumor into a serious question.

Things have now been compounded after another two dozen lawsuits in various legal venues have been launched. In dealing with one complaint after another, Obama, through several teams of lawyers now, has stymied and blocked any and all attempts to probe into his true origins and eligibility.

The eligibility question is now far more visible. Several cases have reached the US Supreme Court, or various State Supreme Courts. The media has belatedly started to cover this story.

Obama’s response to Berg’s first legal action changed the minds of many, including me. I ignored this situation at first because it hardly seemed worthy of attention.

However, when I observed how Obama treated Berg’s requests that he confirm his eligibility, I realized that there was something serious going on here. Where there is smoke, there is fire…. Continue Reading

I’m also interested in Dr. Orly’s statement, “The media has belatedly started to cover this story.” I don’t think I would go so far as to say they are covering the story. They only give lip service to the story. Many of the stories I’ve seen misstates (or omits) many of the facts and law.

I wonder if the media will belatedly start covering Larry Sinclair’s allegations that he and Obama used cocaine and engaged in consensual sex in 1999 when his new book is published?

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