New York Times Should Consider Larry Sinclair As Free Lance Reporter To Save Their Company!

I find it interesting that Pravda allows a wider diversity of opinion than does the New York Times. Maybe the NYT’s should contract with Larry Sinclair as free lance reporter given that they are in such bad financial shape? Larry has developed a fairly large following that could improve the NYT’s readership.

From Pravda:

…Every American should learn their lesson and never listen to another major media outlet again. Over 30 large newspapers in America are for sale and no takers. Some have cut back on deliveries and some will close. Some of these newspapers have been in business for over 100 years. In less than 10 years of Political Correct “newspeak”, the editors have managed to destroy their companies. The New York Times recently announced that they are seeking a loan against their HQ building which they own 50% of. They need to borrow $250 million. And all they need to do to pay it back is to sell 500 million newspapers

…People ask me why I publish articles in Russia’s Pravda Online. Many Americans do not realize just how controlled the American media is. Many more do not realize that Russia does have a Free Press that is far freer than the American Press. The answer to the question is a question: How often have you ever seen the truth published in America? What I write does not in any way reflect the opinion of the Russian government or the Russian people. Nor does it reflect the opinion of the editors and employees of Pravda Online. The Russian Constitution allows them the freedom to offer writers a place to express their own views. Anyone who does understand the dangers of an Obama Presidency should be thankful that there is a place where information can be shared, regardless of what Country that may be.

Barack Obama has said to “Get in your neighbor’s face and argue”. That can not be done in America’s major media. They only allow one view, which is whatever theirs is for the day. I would love to be sitting in a back alley some dark night and watch Barry Obama get in Vladimir Putin’s face and argue…

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In case the NYT is clueless: Larry Sinclair is the man who has alleged (among other things) that he and Obama used cocaine and engaged in consensual sex in 1999. This contradicts the assertions that Obama has made in his books.

As an example of Mr. Sinclair’s reporting for the NYT to consider, this week Larry Sinclair has been reporting on allegations that –


On October 21, 2008 Barack Obama announced that he would be suspending his campaign after a rally in Indianapolis on Thursday morning, October 23, 2008 to fly to Hawaii to visit with his “gravely ill grandmother.” Barack Obama further stated that Madelyn L. Dunham had recently been hospitalized and was back at home after suffering a broken hip. Obama made it clear on October 22, 2008 that there “will be absolutely no video or photo ops during my upcoming visit with my ailing grandmother,” and “I do not expect my grandmother to make it to election day.”

On Friday October 24, 2008 Michelle Obama during a campaign rally for her husband claimed that “I spoke with tutu last night and she is strong and in good health.”

On Friday October 24, 2008 I placed two calls to the home of Madelyn Dunham, in one of those calls I spoke with Obama half-sister Maya Ng where Maya claimed Mrs. Dunham could not talk.

On November 3, 2008 both the news media and Barack Obama announced that Madelyn L. Dunham had passed away on that date. Mrs. Dunham was to have celebrated her 89th birthday on the Sunday following Barack Obama’s visit, yet no one, not even Barack Obama stopped to wish his “gravely ill” grandmother a Happy Birthday.

After first announcing that Madelyn Dunham had passed away in her sleep on November 3, 2008 (conveniently the day before election day for the sympathy vote) it was reported by Hawaii officials and then by Obama half-sister Maya Ng that Mrs. Dunham had in fact passed away on November 2, 2008. Both reports it turns out are false and it has been reported that Maya Ng and Hawaii officials knowingly and intentionally falsified death records of Madelyn L. Dunham who had actually died prior to Barack Obama arriving on Thursday October 23, 2008 for his claimed visit.

According to sources employed in the coroner’s office Madelyn Dunham died on October 21, 2008 and was cremated on Friday October 24, 2008. It is further claimed that the death records of Madelyn L Dunham were falsified at the direct and specific request of Barack Obama and Maya Ng….

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Eventinually, history will show that Obama is the most secretive person (with the most baggage) ever to seek the Presidency of the United States. Hopefully, Obama will not become President because he does not appear to be eligible under the U. S. Constitution. On January 9, 2008, in Berg v. Obama, the Supreme Court will have another opportunity to do what is right and enforce the Constitutional requirements for the Office of the Presidency.

If the New York Times would like to contact Larry Sinclair, he has contact information on his blog site.

Merry Christmas!

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