American Thinker Article Raises Good Points!

American Thinker Article Raises Good Questions – We also need to add – What about all the “Down Low” allegations surrounding Sen. Obama?

A couple of days ago the American Thinker had an interesting article titled Is Obama vulnerable to blackmail?

Is Obama vulnerable to blackmail?
By James Lewis
Suppose you’re Bashir Assad or Putin, and you watch the Blago Blowup, a month before the next president even takes office.

What are you thinking right now?

First, Obama looks vulnerable to blackmail. His homey network is full of people who can’t stand the light of day. They know all kinds of things the leftist media suppress — people like Auchi (the Iraqi billionaire), Rezko (the corrupt Syrian multimillionaire), Emil Jones (the Godfather of Southside), and the whole Daley Machine.
That’s not even counting the freaky radicals or the pols Obama has surrounded himself with. Mayor Daley’s brother is one of the official transition leaders, for heavens’ sake, along with Valerie Jarrett and a whole, privately paid operation that doesn’t have to follow Federal rules on transparency, lobbying or accounting.

Leverage on the people around Obama is the first step.

So you ask your handy secret agents in the US to beat the bushes for more blackmail material. Easy enough. Chicago is a Machine town, and there’s always a rumor mill in a town full of neighborhood taverns.

Here’s what else the spy masters are sure to be wondering.

1. Is there an organized crime connection in the Obama network?
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I enjoyed reading this article but the author overlooked all of Larry Sinclair’s allegations that he and the Senator used drugs and engaged in consensual sex in 1999. Additionally, there have long been numerous rumors floating around Chicago that Sen. Obama has been on “The Down-Low” for some time. (“Down-Low” – a married man that goes out to have gay sex outside of his marriage.) In fact, Larry Sinclair alleges that Sen. Obama was intimately involved with the recently murdered choir director of the Senator’s church.

I’m sure Russia and Iran are interested in these possible aspects of Sen. Obama’s life.  Let’s see – Does Islam respect those who may be homosexual?  Unfortunately, no.  It should put an interesting twist on U.S.-Iranian diplomatic efforts.

It’s unfortunate that Sen. Obama was not properly vetted by the Media prior to the election. I worry that what we know about Sen. Obama is just the tip of the iceberg.

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  1. Al Says:

    As 2008 fades into history, Mr. Jones, just wanted to stop by briefly sir and wish you a safe, healthy, prosperous and Happy New Year. All the best.

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