Questions Remain! Govenor Blagojevich

Questions Remain! Excellent You-Tube Video. Obama’s standard answer, “That’s not the (Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, etc.) I once knew” does not cut it. That’s not the Chicago politics Obama once knew? That’s not the Govenor Blagojevich that Obama once knew? BS It’s how Obama rose so fast to the National Stage. The help of the Gov. and Rezko were critical to his rise.

Obama once said, “If they bring a knife, we’ll bring a gun.”

I say – If Chicago style politics brings the potential for the highest level of national political corruption ever seen, it would be nice if the America people could bring a fair and unbiased media to protect the scant political ethics that remains in Washington! Again the Media continues to be AWOL! Just as they failed to report Larry Sinclair’s allegations that he and Sen. Obama used cocaine and engaged in consensual sex in 1999, the media is still trying to protect Obama.

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  1. jeanniejo Says:

    Thanks, Zach —,0,6983906.column

    Obama’s ‘My Pet Goat’ moment

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