A Memorial to Obama’s Secret Lives – Larry Sinclair Sets His Story to Paper

(Could Larry’s Book Become the Quintessential 2008 Election Memorabilia?)

Once upon a time, America knew next to nothing about Sen. Obama. Then the young Illinois Senator gave a speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention and a possible coup of American common sense began to take shape. Allies in the media began stepping forward to support the Obama narrative with their pens. Under the radar, a junior senator from Illinois was being groomed and elevated in political stature based on his grandiloquence and two seemingly candid well written books.

How honest and refreshing the story sounded. The senator even admitted that he had used drugs and alcohol a lot in his teenage years. Many heads turned to give the young senator their attention and the narrative continued unquestioned.

The American public had been effectively brow beaten for years into war weariness and hopelessness by a media suffering from a terrible case of Bush Derangement Syndrome. The media were working tirelessly to tarnish any image of George Bush and his party while minimizing the blemishes of the Democratic Party. The political soil was being skillfully tilled for a different crop.

Because the media never questioned or investigated the senator, many Americans (especially the younger voters) began to accept the superficial Obama story and the fictionalized Republican story as truth. They were forming emotional attachments to the “idea” of Obama. As a result, many Americans were choosing to suspend any and all pretext of circumspection concerning the Senator of Change. America was looking for the “fairy tale” this year and they found it in Obama. (It was telling that a recent Zogby Poll showed that 57% of Obama supporters were unable to identify which party held control of the House and Senate leading up to the Election.)

However, another story was beginning. A young man from Minnesota had read the Senator’s books and found that some of the statements made in the books were not factually correct. You see, Larry Sinclair had recalled a couple of his own encounters with Senator Obama that directly contradicted Obama’s assertions. At first, Larry sought only to have Sen. Obama and his campaign admit that the Senator had used drugs much later than what he claimed in the books. However, he met a brick wall when he approached the campaign. Thus, Larry Sinclair’s story began.

Mr. Sinclair’s story and his determination in correcting the Obama record caused many people (myself included) to look again at Senator Obama. When I looked again, I saw a very different Obama than the one being sold to the American public by the media. The real Obama is a man full of secrets and troubling associations that make him unworthy to hold the Office of the Presidency.

Another person inspired by the Larry Sinclair story to more closely investigate Senator Obama is CitizenWells; and he had this to say:

…the one event and breaking story that probably gained the attention of more people and subsequently caused Obama to be scrutinized more by more people, was the YouTube video and allegation from Larry Sinclair of a drug and sex encounter with Obama in November 1999. This was the catalyst for me and many others to examine the life, character and associations of Obama more closely. Not only did many more people get involved researching Obama, but Larry Sinclair’s websites became a gathering place for sharing information and experiences with the Obama camp that varied from personal attacks and death threats to tampering of information on the internet and shutting down of sites questioning Obama.

We witnessed a new paradigm of news gathering and presentation. The MSM failed to report the truth about Obama and Sean Hannity referred to this as the death of journalism.

The internet began to take over as the only place to find out about the real Obama. Of course the Obama camp tried it’s best to thwart the efforts by citizen journalists. This is where Larry Sinclair and many other bloggers and internet reporters stepped in. Despite the MSM not only ignoring the Larry Sinclair allegations and other important stories about Obama and along with the Obama camp trying to discredit Sinclair and anyone questioning Obama, Larry Sinclair and the internet news prevailed.

Larry Sinclair is publishing a book about his encounter with Obama in 1999 and the bigger story of his experience trying to get Obama to be held accountable and making the public aware. This is an incredible story that I have watched play out from a front row seat to my astonishment and disbelief. Up to this point in my life, I have only read about experiences like this happening in other countries. However, despite this all appearing surreal, it did indeed happen.

As soon as Larry Sinclair produced his YouTube video, he received personal attacks and death threats on his person and family, website attacks and eventual incarceration in Delaware. This did not happen in the Soviet Union, Kenya or South America. This happened in America. I have followed, researched and written about the Larry Sinclair story probably more than any other source. I can state with authority that Larry Sinclair could not have made up this story….

I agree with CitizenWells’ conclusions. Mr. Sinclair has gone through way too much to be merely spinning a tale. It is also note worthy that Sen. Obama’s campaign has never provided any records that could easily disprove the Senator’s availability to Larry Sinclair on the dates in question. The media is also to blame for the lack of any credible information being available to rebut Mr. Sinclair’s claims by passively allowing the Senator to withhold many pertinent records concerning his past from public scrutiny. Why weren’t they asking questions? He was their candidate and they had invested too much to see him fail.

Frankly, it is my personal opinion that Larry’s new book will be a collector’s item one day. It clearly illustrates for historians that the American media failed miserably in their duty to discover truth and inform the public. Hopefully, historians will realize that most of the main stream media stories of 2008 concerning Senator Obama are not to be fully trusted because of their not so hidden agenda.

The media has been completely AWOL about Larry Sinclair’s allegations that he and Senator Obama used cocaine and engaged in consensual sex in 1999.

They have also been AWOL about the controversies concerning Senator Obama’s birth certificate and the possibility that he may have had or still has citizenship in countries other that the U. S. This controversy has been mostly ignored by the media even though numerous lawsuits have sprung up around the country challenging the Senator’s eligibility to hold the Office of the Presidency. Berg v. Obama and Donofrio v. Wells are the most prominent of these. In fact, Donofrio’s is scheduled for a conference in the Supreme Court of the United States on December 5th. Where is the media? AWOL

The media has also been silent about a petition drive that was started late last week by World Net Daily demanding Sen. Obama prove his eligibility to hold the Office. As of November 24, 2008, this drive has collected 65,912 signatures. Where is the media? AWOL. It seems to me that having nearly 66 thousand Americans questioning Obama’s eligibility to serve is news worthy.

The list of ignored or superficially touched subjects by the media is very long indeed. Most people vaguely know about Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers and Tony Rezko. (Again from Zogby, 56% of Obama supporters did not know that Obama started his political career at the home of two former members of the Weather Underground. Ayers and Dorn-Talk about having blinders on.) Where were the media when the controversies arose about Obama’s possible violations of the Logan Act regarding Iraq and Kenya? AWOL.

Anyway, it will be interesting to watch how historians portray the facts of 2008.

Thank you Mr. Sinclair for doing your part in searching for truth and good luck with your new book!

3 Responses to “A Memorial to Obama’s Secret Lives – Larry Sinclair Sets His Story to Paper”

  1. savemyusa Says:

    I guess the only question is this: When a REPUBLICAN finds himself in a questionable situation ,…… he gets thrown in the ditch. There are lots that have been removed from office. When the evangical ministers fall on the way side,….. NO ONE GIVES THEM THE BENIFIT OF THE DOUBT. BUT, with Larry Sinclar HE IS CALLED THE LIER.. . . that is because BOBO is OFF LIMITS FROM ALL ACCUSATIONS. THIS SCARES ME,….. AND IT ALSO MAKES ME VERY ANGRY. IF BOBO CAN HAVE THAT MUCH POWER NOW,……. JUST WHAT IS HE GOING TO BE ABLE TO DO WHEN HE IS SWORN IN AS PRESIDENT OF THE USA????????? AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SEE THE DOUBLE STANDARD WITH THE LEFT VS THE RIGHT? (WHERE IS THE COMMON SENSE THAT USE TO RULE THIS GREAT COUNTRY?

  2. jeanniejo Says:

    Zach —

    Thanks so much for a wonderful page —

    I am loud and proud to support Larry Sinclair in his energies to expose the truth about Barack Obama —

    I quote a wise woman:

    “What is done in the dark – Will always come to light” –

    Thanks again, Zach, I salute you, Larry and Citizen.


  3. creamer858 Says:

    Bring on the book and let the American people decided. Eventually the truth will come out about all of BHO’s fraudulent past.

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