Larry Sinclair – Details of Encounter With Sen. Obama

Below you will find the story the media does not want to touch, investigate, report or acknowledge! They report about Gov. Palin’s 17 year old daughter and they try to hide the John Edwards affair. Bias? YOU THINK! The AWOL Media – The Big Story of the Election.

This is from Larry Sinclair:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

THE SINCLAIR/OBAMA ENCOUNTER: The original written statement from Jan ’08


Below article contains language and descriptions of sexual acts that may be offensive to some readers. This article is re-posted solely for news purposes regarding President Elect Barack Obama.

For those who are making comments about “what happened to the 2nd night” this statement was given at the request for a statement detailing the FIRST night I met Barack Obama. This statement is and always has been from the time it was made, a detailed account of the first meeting with Barack Obama.

Published January 21, 2008 at:

On January 18, Larry Sinclair posted a YouTube video in which he claims to have engaged in oral sex and used cocaine with Democratic Presidential candidate, Barack Obama, in 1999. Requests for a statement from the Obama camp have not been acknowledged.

In an attempt to provide additional details, Larry Sinclair has provided the following statement:

My name is Larry Sinclair, (True), I was born in S.C. (I am not and have not been a resident of S.C. since 1975).

Please understand that the names of the driver, limo company and my hotel are not being disclosed at this time due to the threat of retaliation against them and or their businesses. I assure you they will be forthcoming at the appropriate time.

I was in the Chicago area from November 3, 1999 thru November 8, 1999 to attend the graduation of my God son from the Great Lakes Navy Training Center outside Chicago. While out for a night on the town, I hired a limo. After expressing to the limo driver that I wanted some company for the night with someone who knew Chicago, I was introduced to Barack Obama by my driver at a bar on Rush street. Mr. Obama and I had a few drinks and talked for about an hour or so at the bar. I mentioned to Mr. Obama that I could really use a couple of lines to wake up, as I was really tired but I wanted to do a night on the town while in Chicago. Obama asked if I was referring to coke and I stated I was. Obama then stated he could get it for me.

After Obama made a phone call, we left the lounge together in the limo I hired. Obama instructed the driver as to where we were going. After about what felt like a 30 or so minute drive we stopped and Mr. Obama got out after telling me he would be right back. Obama returned to the car after about 5 minutes had passed, at which time he pulled a packet out of his pocket and handed it to me. I took a CD case I had in the limo with me and put out three lines of cocaine on it. While resting the CD case on Obama’s leg and taking a rolled up dollar bill, I snorted one line.

During my conversation with Obama, I had made it very clear that I was openly gay. In my lifetime, I have always been good at judging whether or not a person is interested. My instincts told me that Obama was interested. After snorting the first line, I used my right hand to rub Obama’s left leg up to his crotch….Continue Reading (review warning above)

One Response to “Larry Sinclair – Details of Encounter With Sen. Obama”

  1. jeanniejo Says:

    Thanks, Zach —

    I believe these events actually occurred as described by Larry Sinclair. I will endeavor to assist Larry Sinclair in anyway I can to expose the truth about Barack Obama.

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