A Disappointing Result – Now to the Legal Front

Last night’s result was disappointing. However, many believe that Sen. Obama is not eligible to hold the Office. It is time to focus our efforts to support Berg v. Obama and the other lawsuits challenging Obama to prove that he is eligible to serve. I remain loyal to the Constitution and will continue to support those who are determined to protect it.

Today it a good day to begin the opposition.


2 Responses to “A Disappointing Result – Now to the Legal Front”

  1. 12h48m Says:

    Mr. Jones,

    All my best to you sir as I depart from the political battles/wars of this election cycle.

    Not the ending I personally would have liked at the conclusion of this election year; however, as much as it pains me to write and/or say the following, it’s time to accept this loss:

    Congratulations President-elect Obama

    God Bless America


  2. jeanniejo Says:


    Jubilation on the Ship of Fools

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