Can the Flood Gates Be Opened? Greta Van Susteren is Breaking Media Silence about Berg v Obama

Greta Van Susteren is Breaking Media Silence about Berg v Obama

This morning Greta Van Susteren opened a small crack in the media silence concerning the Berg v Obama lawsuit. Greta made the suggestion that all four candidates submit valid birth certificates to help prove they meet the Constitutional requirements to hold the office of President of The United States. I agree that this would be a great first step. However, Sen. Obama also needs to address the other allegations raised in Berg v Obama.

Here is Greta’s Post:

OK … the internet rumors about the birth certificate: let’s end the rumors and the viral nature of them!

Of course I know about all the internet gossip about Senator Obama’s birth. Many of you (thousands?) have written me saying he was not born in the USA ( a Constitutional requirement for President) …. the rumors are flying around the internet and overloading my inbox and is viral. It doesn’t stop! I have thought the emails a waste of keyboard time and have ignored them.

However, since the emails just won’t stop…and since it really is a topic that should be put to rest and can be done with such ease, I now think Senator Obama should release his birth certificate but I also think, to be fair, so should the other 3….yes, all 4.

So, let’s have it! All 4 need to release their birth certificates to prove each was born in the USA and thus constitutionally able to serve as President. Let’s insist that all 4 release birth certificates and put the matter to rest! (and yes, stop the emails to me!)

Until this is done, the rumors simply will not stop and rumors are not fair…it is not fair to Senator Obama and he also should not be blackmailed into producing the records…so, if all 4 must produce, that seems fair.

Let’s see them….and then let’s move on.

END of Greta’s Post

I want to suggest that everyone post Greta’s suggestion everywhere to get people to flood Greta’s site and let her know just how many Berg supporter’s are out there.

Hopefully, the media will start paying attention the Berg case and stop the shameful behavior that they have been exhibiting the past year concerning Sen. Obama’s campaign.

Will the Media?

Will the MSM stop taking sides in the election and do their jobs? Will they investigate Larry Sinclair’s allegations? Will they dig into Obama’s past as hard as they have jumped on Sarah Palin? Will they look deeply into Obama’s relationships with William Ayers, Rev. Wright, Tony Rezko, Acorn, and all the rest? Will they look into the Democratic involvement in Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac failures? Will they call Sen. Obama to task for his possible violations of the Logan Act in Iraq and Kenya?

To find information the media is not telling the public, go to:



The Real Barack Obama




Andy Martin


3 Responses to “Can the Flood Gates Be Opened? Greta Van Susteren is Breaking Media Silence about Berg v Obama”

  1. Akira Says:

    Is this for real? Judge orders Obama to be removed from ballots?
    Jump to Comments

    Greene County Dailies, The Xenia Gazette, October 24 2008, 23:18

    US District Court Judge Honorable R. Barry Surrick has ruled that Barack Hussein Obama was not a “natural born” or “naturalized” citizen and is ineligible to run for and/or serve as President of the United States.

    Judge Surrick then ordered the Democratic National Committee to cease all campaign activity on behalf of their candidate for President. He further ordered Obama be removed from all election ballots.

    Is this someone’s idea of a joke?

    Why is it only in a small-town paper?

    The Xenia Gazette

    “Daily newspaper for Xenia, Fairborn and Beavercreek Greene County Dailies.”

    Phone: (937) 372-4444

  2. zachjonesishome Says:

    I have not heard anything yet. I would suspect joke but who knows.

  3. Akira Says:

    I guess so.

    the link is:

    Goes to show that an “official” news source is just a blogger with no pajamas.

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