Larry Sinclair has evidently run up against a few violent Obama Union Devotees

Larry Sinclair has evidently run up against a few violent Obama Union Devotees:

This is from Larry Sinclair’s Site –


At a Union event in Cleveland, Ohio, where President Bill Clinton was the featured speaker

Union members repeatedly shoved me and intentionally stomped on my feet with there boots while I was in sandals. The photo below is of a man who repeatedly elbowed me, shoved me, and stomped on my feet. This man followed me every step the entire afternoon, and even told event goers he was ready to “crack his f****ing head in.”

When a speaker called McCain the biggest liar ever, I simply asked the speaker what about Obama being a liar and a fraud? Immediately I was hit from behind and grabbed by the man in the above photo and was surrounded by other Union members in the below photos where they put their “Obama” signs up in my face trying to block my view and the camera. When they did this photographers and TV cameras started taking pictures. I specifically heard the camera man for Cleveland’s News 3 telling his reporter, “that’s Larry Sinclair, who claims to have had sex and done drugs with Barack Obama.”
Finish Reading Larry Sinclair’s Post Here!
Stay Safe Mr. Sinclair. Zach

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