Update on Berg v. Obama from Jeff Schreiber

Update on Berg v. Obama from Jeff Schreiber

This is from America’sRight (Jeff Schreiber):

Another intervening motion was filed today in the ongoing federal suit against Barack Obama. This motion, filed pro se by “U.S. Citizen and voter” Judson Witham of Provo, Utah, is the third such motion for leave to intervene filed in this case. As I mentioned when the others were filed, I feel as though we should continue to focus our attention on the case-in-chief.

Counting this and the other two intervening motions, there are now nine pending motions in the Berg v. Obama action. The others include Berg’s motion for expedited discovery, Obama and the DNC’s motion to dismiss, Berg’s opposition to the motion to dismiss, Berg’s motion for leave to file amended complaint, Obama and the DNC’s motion for protective order, and Berg’s response to the motion for protective order.

Just a reminder — despite the perceived delay, the Hon. R. Barclay Surrick is well within his discretion here, and may very likely hand down an order (possibly addressing all pending pleadings) this week. Or he may not. Please continue to check America’s Right for updates.

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One Response to “Update on Berg v. Obama from Jeff Schreiber”

  1. mulerider Says:

    FYI to anyone who can take action. I’ve emailed Mr. Berg a law review article suggesting that a state court action would be more viable than a federal court action. If people start filing state court action under state election laws to challenge Obama’s citizenship, these should catch the media’s attention and force Obama to respond. They would need to be filed in states in which you can challenge the candidate after his name has already been certified on the ballot or post-election challenges. Because of the nature of my job, I cannot be a named plaintiff but I have a little spare time to help with research. The best bet is to find an atty in your area who is willing to file it. If such lawsuits start popping up in different states, the mainstream press will have no choice but to report on it. It may be all the doubt undecided voters need to vote against Obama. No one wants the mess of a challenged election or the possibility that the president is not qualified.

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