Larry Sinclair in Georgia on Quest to Confront Obama.

Larry Sinclair in Georgia Questioning Obama.

Larry Sinclair is continuing to try to get his story out on Sen. Obama’s campaign trail. Mr. Sinclair is dogging the Senator at from Georgia today asking the Sen. Obama where he was and what was he doing on the dates that Larry says that he and Sen. Obama were doing cocaine and having consensual gay sex. Everyone needs to stay tuned to Mr. Sinclair’s most excellent adventure trying to break through the media’s wall of See No Obama Scandals, Hear No Obama Scandals, Speak No Obama Scandals. Go to: to keep up Larry’s assault on media bias and Sen. Obama’s “fairy tales” that he is telling America. (To quote President Clinton)

This is from Larry Sinclair:

Good morning from rainy Georgia. Yesterday was a rainy day in Nashville, but a productive one. The purpose of the “Take it to the Streets” tour is to bring the story to the people. I believe we did that in Nashville.

There was an interview done with Japanese and Italian News agencies while in Nashville.

I have to compress the quick-time video files from the other Nashville videos to less than 100mb to post. I will be working on that today.

I will be contacting an Atlanta radio host shortly and then will be heading to Florida later today.

It is imperative that we obtain your support to continue this “Take It To the Streets” campaign to do the job the mainstream media refuses to do. Fox news reports this morning on a “Heckler” at a Palin stop but fails to report Obama being stunned in Grand Rapids, MI by a mega-phone!?

Obama supporter/surrogate claims I am being followed by a private investigator hired by Axelrod and reporting directly to Axelrod! Is this true or is it just another attempt to try and scare me? I will call the Obama press office and ask I guess.

Below are short video’s of the motorcades yesterday in Nashville.

Go to Larry Sinclair’s site

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