NOQUARTER Breaking News – Barack signed onto a socialist agenda back in 1996

This is from NoQuarter:

BREAKING NEWS: When Did Barack Obama Stop Believing in Socialism?

Our own intrepid Matthew is going to break a huge story within an hour (at least that is the plan as I type). He has discovered documents that clearly demonstrate Barack Obama received the endorsement of a socialist group that required candidates to seeking their endorsement to sign a contract that mandates that they must have a visible and active relationship with that socialist party.

This explains why Barack’s campaign cannot give a straight answer about when he decided that Bill Ayers had been a terrorist.

As you will see when Matthew’s piece goes up, Barack signed onto a socialist agenda back in 1996. When, if ever, did he decide it was wrong? Why has he hidden this part of his life? Is America ready to trust a guy who lies about his past socialist ties to help pull America out of the economic ditch it is in.

Stay tuned.

Larry Johnson’s site continues to bring critical information to the people. Thank you Sir.

Where is the MSM? AWOL as always!

Comment: Larry Sinclair is in Nashville tonight confronting Sen. Obama with his allegations that in 1999, he and Sen. Obama used cocaine and engaged in consensual sex. Where is the Media? AWOL

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