By The Prowler-Couric Diminishes Gov. Palin; By Zach-Another Example of Media Bias; Larry Sinclair Allegations Against Sen. Obama

This is from The American Spectator:

Washington Prowler
Couric Diminishes Gov. Palin
By The Prowler
Published 9/26/2008 12:08:10 AM

CBS New anchor Katie Couric ordered staff to drop all references to “Governor” or “Gov.” from her interview with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. When a staff member pointed out that in other venues, Couric and CBS News had referred to Governor Palin’s opponent, Joe Biden, using his title of “Senator” or the abbreviation, Couric, according to a CBS News editorial aide, sought approval from CBS News management to drop the “Governor” reference during her broadcast interview with Palin that began on Wednesday night.

“It’s not true,” said another CBS News source. “We treat everyone the same.”

But, in fact, that’s not the case: as late as September 22, CBS News and Couric — even on the CBS website — used Biden’s honorific. Here is an excerpt from the transcript of a Couric interview with “Sen.” Biden:

Katie Couric: How is it preparing for the debates?

Sen. Joe Biden: Well, it’s kind of hard to prepare because I don’t know what she thinks. There’s been no — I don’t know a lot about her, so I have to assume for purposes of the debate that she agrees with John on everything.

Now compare that the transcript of the “Palin” interview:

Couric: Why do you say that? Why are they waiting for John McCain and not Barack Obama?

Palin: He’s got the track record of the leadership qualities and the pragmatism that’s needed at a crisis time like this.

In fact, at no point during the broadcast interview does Couric refer to the GOP vice presidential nominee as “Governor.”

Couric is not the only member of the broadcast news corps who has sought to diminish Palin’s professional position, though she may be the most high profile. Producers and editorial staff at both NBC and ABC report that fellow staffers have openly ridiculed Palin, her professional and personal background and her family during production meetings, in the editing bays during video editing for nightly news stories, and while covering Palin at political events.

Ultimately the higher ups at CBS News agreed, saying that wherever possible, the reference to “Governor” should be struck from graphics, scripts and published transcripts. In fact, based on perusal of the CBS website, between video and print, there is only one reference to Palin as Governor, and that is buried in a subhead on the splash page of the interview transcript.

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This is just another of the many examples of media bias that are being exposed.  Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin are running against Sen. Obama and the Media.  Oh Well – It is what it is.

Obama’s campaign is shameful. The Media’s behavior is shameful. What about the allegations that Obama used cocaine and engaged in consensual sex with Larry Sinclair in November of 1999?   Will the MSM stop taking sides in the election and do their jobs? Will they investigate Mr. Sinclair’s allegations?  Will they dig into Obama’s past as hard as they have jumped on Sarah Palin and her 17 year old daughter? Will they look deeply into Obama’s relationships with William Ayers, Rev. Wright, Tony Rezko, Acorn, and all the rest? Will they look into the Democratic involvement in Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac failures? Will they call Sen. Obama to task for his possible violation of the Logan Act? Will they support Rush Limbaugh against Sen. Obama’s smears? Unfortunately, the answer is No.

To find information the media is not telling the public, go to:



The Real Barack Obama




Andy Martin

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2 Responses to “By The Prowler-Couric Diminishes Gov. Palin; By Zach-Another Example of Media Bias; Larry Sinclair Allegations Against Sen. Obama”

  1. al67 Says:

    The MSM can ill afford to make reference to Governor Palin as such because to do so would infer that SHE has more CEO experience than the entire Democratic presidential ticket combined.

  2. Barack Obama – Larry Sinclair – Donald Young (The Saga Continues) « Rosettasister’s Weblog Says:

    […]… […]

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