Hillary Clinton’s Stump Speech, Obama Sexist Comment

Hillary Clinton’s Stump Speech

The One She Should Give

Ladies and Gentlemen – (applause)

Thank You. Thank You. How’s everyone doing? (Pause and wait for applause)

What an election! (Throws her hands up, palms up)

Thank you for coming out. (Applause)

I have just a few words to say today.

First of all, and I think many of you would agree, this is not the Democratic Party that I once knew. (Audience member starts PUMA, PUMA chant)

Remember what I said in Florida last week?

I said, “The Republicans are trying to convince us to give them four more years to clean up the mess they made. Choosing a Republican to clean up this mess is like asking an iceberg to save the Titanic. It is not going to work.”

Well. (Shrugs)

In light of Sen. Obama’s latest statements, I think I need to reconsider my comment.

Barack’s immature reference to Gov. Palin, the first Vice Presidential nominee for the Republican Party, by the words “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig” reflects the pervasive sexism that remains in America, in the DNC and unfortunately in our candidate. Regarding the second part of Barack’s statement about an old fish, I’m not sure to whom he’s referring. Was he referring to Sen. McCain, President Bush, or Gov. Palin? If he was referring to Gov. Palin, he should be taken to the woodshed by his grand mother.

The struggle against sexism has always been an issue that I take very seriously. It used to be a core part of the Democratic Party. Equality and respect for women, all women, Democratic, Republican, Independent, Liberal, and Conservative.

This is not the Democratic Party I used to know. (Audience starts PUMA chant)

I am beginning to believe that Sen. Obama has a real problem with the very idea of women’s equality. His sexism, condescension, and immaturity were evident early in the primary. Do you remember when he pretended to scratch his nose? He wasn’t scratching his nose; he was hurling a vulgar insult with his middle finger.

Now was that Presidential? I don’t think so.

When Sen. McCain made the bold move to select Gov. Palin, what was Sen. Obama’s response? He directed that his supporters should attack the Governor with every resource at their disposal, attack her children, question if she should be in the race with small children at home, and drive her out of the race. Whether the allegations his supporter were making were true was not important. Winning at all cost was the only thing that mattered to Barack. (Pause – scan the crowd)

Sen. McCain showed courage in selecting a woman as his running mate.

Did Sen. Obama choose his strongest possible running mate? (Shaking head no.) (Audience starts chant Hillary, Hillary)

Barack has tried to recruit me to do his dirty work and it is dirty work. I have refused. I fight my battles on the merits of my vision for this country. I am not going to throw any woman under Barack’s bus just because he can’t.

What were Sen. Biden’s responses to John McCain’s selection?

“She’s good looking.” (Pause)

“Gov. Palin’s selection was a step backwards for women.” Being the first Republican woman to run for the Vice Presidency is not a step backwards; it is big leap forward for all of us.

This is not the Democratic Party I once knew. (Audience begins PUMA chant)

Today, if you can believe this, it was said that Gov. Palin was selected as a running mate only because she hadn’t had an abortion. (Pause and frown)

This is not the Democratic Party that I once knew. (Audience begins PUMA chant)

Early in the primary, I said that Sen. McCain had enough experience and Sen. Obama had a speech.

If Barack’s recent sexist and vulgar comments are any indication, he needs to make sure that he always has someone writing every word that he utters. A President must to be able to think quickly, concisely and diplomatically at all times. (Pause)

Maybe in a few years he’ll be able to do so, but as Sen. Biden accurately stated, “The Presidency is not a job for on-the-job training.”

I understand that Sen. Obama is traveling to Harlem to have a sit down with Bill.

Hmmm. I think it is too late for Bill to save Barack from himself.

Barack’s campaign had the audacity to use the race card to denigrate Bill. Bill has never harbored racist views towards anyone.

Barack threw his own grandmother under his bus as a typical white woman. There is nothing typical about any woman of any race.

Maybe Sen. Obama needs to take a few sensitivity classes and reflect on his actions throughout this campaign.

Where do we stand now? (Pause)

We need to work on making the Democratic Party the Party we once knew and believed in. We need to work to battle sexism and racism when we find it. Root it out and point it out.

For this race, each of you needs to let your conscience be your guide.

Then maybe, just maybe – (Pause)

In the year 2012 you might just get the chance to choose between two strong women.

However, in that race, I pledge to you that if I’m in it, it will be a choice based on issues and policies. Even though, I strongly disagree with many of Gov. Palin’s positions, I will not be attacking her based on her gender and I will not be attacking her family.

If Sen. Obama is still around and has undergone some sensitivity classes, I might consider him for my VP.

However, I will need to vet him first to see if he paid attention in class.

Thank you.

May God Bless You and America

PUMA (Exit Hillary)

By Zach Jones – Trying to promote media fairness in this election. If Barack Obama had been properly vetting in the primaries, he would not be running for President now. His relationships with William Ayers, Rev. Wright, Acorn, Donald Young, Tony Rezko and many others would have sunk his candidacy. His lack of experience would have been the focus of every news cast. If the media had investigated Larry Sinclair’s allegations that he and Sen. Obama used cocaine and engaged in consensual gay sex in 1999, it would have closed the final curtain. The 2008 Election should be between Senators McCain and Clinton; but thanks to the media, it is what it is.

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One Response to “Hillary Clinton’s Stump Speech, Obama Sexist Comment”

  1. al67 Says:

    Well-written, Mr. Jones. Mrs. Clinton has gone above and beyond what the DNC wants/needs of her. Given the way she was disrespected by the DNC and the Mainstream Media alike, Howard Dean and Barack Obama should be grateful that she is taking the high-road and being a team-player in spite of the rude treatment she recieved during the primaries.


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