NOQUARTER Article – Look Out, Obama – Trouble’s a Brewin’ on the Airwaves…by ANI

This excellent article is from NOQUARTER:

Look Out, Obama – Trouble’s a Brewin’ on the Airwaves…

Governor Sarah Palin hit it out of the park in her speech at the RNC Wednesday night, making it even hotter in the kitchen for Senator Obama – a man long on rhetoric but short on principles. Lou Dobbs just pointed out on his national radio show that Governor Palin has more executive experience than all three candidates combined. He feels “Palin is a game changer who can bring McCain across the finish line.”

Apparently, Lou is not the only one who thinks so. Let’s take a look at the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania, the state Hillary won despite being outspent by a three to one margin. Dave Eberhart’s story Radio Host Jumps Parties After Hillary Debacle tells us:

Steve Corbett, a rabid Hillary Clinton stalwart who packs clout as the biggest talk-show host in northeastern Pennsylvania, has abandoned the Democratic Party to shout across the airwaves: “Nobama! Nobiden! Nobull!”

Corbett, who led what he called “Operation Turndown” in a foiled attempt to deny the nomination to the “unqualified” Barack Obama and award it to Clinton, recently told his radio audience that the way his heroine was “disrespected” at the Democratic convention “put me over the edge.”

“Like Hillary Clinton, I’ve decided to move on. It’s time for a change,” he told listeners on the popular AM station, WILK.

Corbett feels that there were also women who betrayed Hillary – by far the strongest and best candidate.

“A whole new generation of young women who have no sense of the sacrifice that took place before they were out of diapers have signed on to the anti-Hillary assault as well. Sadly, even some of them sneer at the sexist portrayals of this woman who sacrificed for them and did her best despite harsh odds to bring equity to the workplace, the home and the country.”

Hey – it wasn’t only a percentage of women – but also women’s rights organizations like NARAL – which Hillary helped put on the map in the first place, by the way. [This was a decision that came from NARAL President, Nancy Keenan. District offices were none too happy with this betrayal.]

But for the young women out there who think sexism is a thing of the past, think again. You have only to look at the way Senator Clinton and Governor Palin are being treated in the year 2008 to realize misogyny is alive and well in this country, and being practiced by the mainstream media and the Democrats more than anyone.

You remember the Democrats – the Party that has been holding women hostage to Roe v. Wade for years. Corbett is right about Senator Clinton, though. Recently, Hillary once again stood up for women’s contraceptive rights – she and Senator Patty Murray were out there first and loud. Nary a word from Obama; too busy playing President in Berlin.

Please pardon my dust, but there is an old saying, “Shit rolls downhill.” The reason we are in so much trouble in this country is not because George Bush is a Republican, but because he is a lousy leader, an arrogant, petulant man who thinks God whispers in his ear. A man lacking in humility. Barack has this is common with our current President. Obama is not someone who will stand up for women’s rights, or anyone other than himself. That much is already evident as he has willy-nilly thrown people and important policy principles under the bus with alarming frequency. FISA? Hello?

Besides Roe v. Wade, it is crucial that women be treated as equals and with respect, in the home, in the workplace and in the political arena. A concept that seems to have eluded Senator Obama with his careless ‘get over it’ attitude. Furthermore, if Reagan, Bush I & II did not overturn this legislation, it is doubtful McCain/Palin ever would. Even the very conservative Justice Scalia has stated he would not fly in the face of stare decisis; well-settled law.

There are many women in this country, and men like Corbett, who have had about enough of this filthy, sexist treatment and for everyone who has betrayed Hillary, there are many more who will say, ‘Nobama, No Way.’.

But surely the Democratic Party has more to offer than threats. Oh yeah, more disrespect.

Who here thinks that Pennsylvanians will soon forget Barry’s horrid, elitist description of Pennsylvanians: bible totin’ gun slingin’ bitter voters…?

The disaffection of Corbett, a well-known voice in the vital Keystone State, is not especially good news to the Obama camp. Vice-presidential nominee Joe Biden, the senator from Delaware, has gone out of his way to emphasize that he is the offspring of simple working stiffs from the hardscrabble town of Scranton.

But Corbett delights in letting the Obama crowd know that rhetoric in a jammed stadium in Denver hasn’t turned the collective heads of the white working class.

“Voters will come from hunting camps, church picnics, NASCAR races and country music concerts to turn down Obama,” Corbett jeers.

It also not particularly good politics for Obama to be disrespecting Senator McCain. A war hero with a long and esteemed record of service.

“It was bad enough that Obama assaulted Hillary Clinton’s character during the primary elections,” Corbett laments. “Now he attacks the fighting spirit of a Navy hero who survived his plane getting shot down over enemy territory, torture and the deep psychological wounds of captivity.”

…“Pennsylvania, particularly the coal region, boasts too many veterans and families of active-duty military personnel to let Obama snipe at duty and honor from his ivory tower. Blue-collar voters don’t take kindly to serial hecklers who’ve never been to boot camp.”

Last night, Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani, among others, delivered some real body blows to the inexperienced, arrogant Senator Obama.

Obama also gave Republicans some cannon fodder with his $6 million faux Grecian temple. Big boo-boo.

As Hillary Clinton predicted all along, the Republicans will not be hamstrung as she was, not able to fully attack on Obama’s many flaws and flip-flops. Republicans will be relentless.

And the disrespect that Senator Obama showed Hillary and her 18,000,000 supporters will come back to haunt him. Not that she should ever have been his VP, but the fact that he did not even show the respect of vetting her, of properly considering her, or making a public, respectful overture to her, will stick in the craws of many.

His disrespect is also coming back to haunt him in the person of many big Hillary donors. John Coale, for example, is also jumping ship to McCain.

And radio host Steve Corbett is just getting started:

“A dozen packed stadium rallies won’t convince the voting bloc Obama needs to win that he is anything other than a spoiled, childish senator who wants more than anything to be crowned king…”

Corbett’s phone lines have been lighting up with callers echoing their support. No, Senator, it’s not a good idea to piss off the people in control of the air waves.

Just ask Lou Dobbs, a powerful anchor, and just about the only sane guy at CNN, who has referred to Senator Obama repeatedly as “a dangerous, duplicitous liar” and “an empty suit.”

Furthermore, Mr. Corbett had a few choice words about Governor Sarah Palin:

“Wild Bill Obama doesn’t want to taunt this woman. Like McCain, Palin is nobody to mess with. She carries a gun, rides a motorcycle, and battles big oil and corrupt politicians of both parties in some real tough terrain.”

Let’s put it this way, Palin has already shown she’s got the stuff to take Obambi on – all his empty words don’t seem to frighten a woman who’s given birth to five children. During the primary, Obama made fun of Hillary, calling her Annie Oakley. Obama was too shortsighted to realize he was paying Hillary a huge compliment. Oakley was an amazing lady and a trailblazer for justice and women.

Well, looks like he’s got another Annie Oakley on his hands. Palin’s got some grit – something Obama wouldn’t understand if it bit him.

He’s still busy complaining he can’t get any arugula at Whole Foods.

And, no, Senator, you can’t just eat your waffle. You’re going to be too busy this Fall trying to prove to the American people that you are more than “words, just words.”

Steve Corbett doesn’t think you can do it. Lou Dobbs isn’t giving you very good odds, either.

End of Article:

If the media will stop being an Obama operative and start doing their jobs, there would be no way that Sen. Obama would even be reelected to the Senate. Obama’s campaign is the most vicious, scorched earth campaign in history. The media allows Obama’s abuse against those who oppose him to go on and they even join in. This media deliberately refused to report or investigate stories that may harm Obama. They have not investigated the claims of Larry Sinclair that he and Senator Obama did cocaine and engaged in consensual gay sex in 1999. American Journalism died in 2007 through 2008. ZachJonesIsHome

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    Phil Valentine at Washington Post Still Claiming Larry Sinclair Failed Polygraph (Barack Obama – Donald Young)

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