Andy Martin writes: This is not your father’s GOP

This is from Andy Martin:




(NEW YORK, NY)(REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION)(September 2, 2008) After Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Palin the Republican National Convention reopens this evening with a reconfigured schedule. Nevertheless, one thing is clear: This is not your father’s GOP. The GOP that John McCain is building is something quite different. Maybe that why John McCain is the only Republican that could bring his party to the brink of victory in November. And maybe victory. The only one. No wonder he drives the cable TV bobbleheads batty.

Barack Obama likes to be known as “No Drama Obama.” All the thespian (can I say that?) juices are concentrated in St. Paul. “No Drama” is now in a battle with “Big Drama.” Big John.

First, McCain himself is something of a Phoenix. He was given up for dead a year ago, and staged an unbelievable comeback. Believe.

Second, McCain is a “conservative,” but he appears more and more to be a “western” conservative instead of a bluenosed right-winger. The westerners are different. Maybe that’s why he took a look at Palin’s vetting and said “Let’s go.”

Finally the fighter pilot. I know, I know. Some people think I emphasize the fighter pilot angle too much. They don’t know fighter pilots. I do. I was supposed to be one until I jumped out of the cockpit. Creeping and crawling is my thing. Cloak and dagger, not .20 mike-mikes and napes.

Fighter pilots are risk-takers. They are tough. They are incredibly flexible and reactive. And they want to attack, not defend. They are the ultimate proponents of the truism “the best defense is a good offense.”

Finally, McCain is tolerant. Surprise, surprise. (I knew it; fighter jocks are almost always tolerant.)

The left-wing bluenose media have made a big megillah of Sarah Palin’s prospective son-in-law and “the baby.” NBC news reports the “redneck” is en route to St. Paul. It’s pretty hard to start a fight, or criticize the good governor, if they are able to assemble as one big happy. Hey, that’s Alaska.

Ordinary working people will not be offended by the Palin drama; those kinds of challenges are part of their daily grind. And the Palins did tell their future son-in-law, “Get to work, redneck, you got a kid on the way to support.” (I see the shotgun in the background.) So what’s the big deal?

I have often wondered what life would have been like if I had married my girl friend at 19. Now I’ll have something to think about and reflect on. It’s hard not to see yourself and insert your own life’s experiences in the saga of a family making their way through life. We cope in different ways.

And now for the big megillah, the real megillah. Senator Joe Lieberman. Politicians love to describe other officials as “my friend.” (McCain does that too; we are all his “friends.”) I have forgotten how many people referred to McCain as a friend at the DNC in Denver, and then shanked him. Some friends.

But Joe Lieberman is a friend indeed. He has staked out his position next to McCain and stood his ground. On foreign policy, Lieberman will be the de facto vice president, “McCain’s Joe Biden.”

Jewish voters are traditional Democrats. And they still are. Nevertheless, there is a significant minority of the Jewish community that looks to Lieberman for leadership. He is providing the guidance. Lieberman is someone who celebrates the Sabbath, and appears to live a modest life. I am not aware of large investments or other extravagant detritus from a lifetime spent in politics. He was the Democrats’ candidate for vice president eight years ago. He is as much of a maverick in his own way as John McCain. And these two men appear to be real friends.

Now let me say that I don’t agree with McCain’s announced Middle East policies. I think the last eight years have been a disaster for American foreign policy. But policies and political promises are just pieces of paper. Reality will intrude on inauguration day. I feel confident that McCain and Lieberman are decent men who will do what they think is right.

Some people criticize me for believing McCain is the real “peace candidate,” but that is what I feel. McCain supports the disastrous invasion of Iraq. But had he been president I do not believe he would have approved it. Where you stand depends on where you sit.

Obama says he is eager to have a foreign policy debate with McCain. Make that Lieberman and McCain. They will be a team. I can’t believe that a significant portion of the Jewish community won’t vote for a man who enjoys the confidence of Joe Lieberman.

No, this is not your father’s GOP.

Fasten your seat belts. And pass the Pablum.

End of Article

So Gov. Palin’s future son-in-law is on his way to St. Paul.  Excellent, this stand up young man should be  most welcome.

If the media would like to do some real vetting of a candidate, Larry Sinclair will also be in St. Paul and they can begin with his allegations that he and Sen. Obama used cocaine and engaged in consensual gay sex in 1999.

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One Response to “Andy Martin writes: This is not your father’s GOP”

  1. jeanniejo Says:

    Zach –

    Hi, brilliant post –

    I hope the media will take you up on your offer to interview Larry Sinclair. Larry has made it very convenient for them. If they miss him, they’re not looking. As he said tonight the cameras on “Hardball” panned away as soon as they saw him in his shirt and holding his megaphone.


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