Barack Obama or Barack Soetoro? Maybe Larry Sinclair’s allegations should be against Sen. Soetoro?

This is from TexasDarlin:

Is His Legal Name Obama or Soetoro? ACT NOW

August 12, 2008

Barack Obama is running for President as… well, Barack Hussein Obama. That’s his legal name, right?

Or is it.

There is now evidence indicating that his actual valid Birth Certificate on file in Hawaii says Barry Soetoro. That was the Indonesian identity that Obama acquired when Lolo Soetoro adopted him. His original Birth Certificate, presumably in the name Barack Hussein Obama, was sealed. That’s our theory.

It seems that Obama put a fake Birth Certificate on his official campaign website because he wanted to hide his Indonesian identity from us, including his Muslim background and that pesky Constitutional dual-citizenship matter. That is our assertion.

And we believe that Barry Soetoro started using the name “Obama” sometime in the 70’s, it would seem.

BUT, interestingly, our researchers have been unable to locate the public record showing that Barry Soetoro legally changed his name back to Barack Obama. Sure, he could have used his original birth certificate (the one that was sealed) in the name “Obama” as an identity document over the years, and no one would have known…(didnt he say that he found that in a shoe box in high school?)

But what is Obama’s official, legal name? Is it the name he used to sign his candidacy papers for the President? Is it the one which will be on the ballot for the Democratic party nomination in Denver this month? Is it the one that will be on the ballot for President in all the states this November? Is it the one he used to enroll in private schools?

Or is it the name he used to travel to Pakistan?

Is his legal name Barack Obama, or Barry Soetoro?

Hawaii State Law says this:


After the Lt. Governor signs the Notice, the Notice will be returned to the Petitioner for publication in a newspaper of general circulation, as required by Statute. Petitioner should take or mail the Notice to the newspaper of his/her choice with applicable publication fee..

You’d think it would be easy to find a paper trail; name changes in Hawaii are public record after all.

I am not an elections expert by any means, but surely there must be laws requiring a candidate for public office to use his/her real legal name on the ballot. Is that something that is determined state by state? Perhaps it’s time for another communication to your Secretary of State.

Here’s the link:

DISCLAIMER: This article presents draft and preliminary viewpoints and information, all of which is subject to change. It is intended to be strictly theoretical and hypothetical, in an effort to examine and vet the background, qualifications, and eligibility for U.S. President of a serious candidate and public figure who is standing for that office. The assertions made herein are believed to be true by the author based on good-faith efforts to research the facts related to a public figure running for public office. In the event that documentation deemed to be reliable by the author comes to the author’s attention disproving one or more of the assertions made herein, corrections will be published.

End of Article:

Maybe Larry Sinclair is in fact incorrect when he alleges that he and Sen. Obama did cocaine and engaged in consensual gay sex in 1999. He should have alleged that he did drugs and had gay sex with Barack Soetoro.

Where is the media?

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