Obama,Birth Certificate – Eligibility Challenge State-by-State: ACT NOW

This is from TexasDarlin:

Eligibility Challenge State-by-State: ACT NOW

August 7, 2008

TD Foreword: It’s time to TAKE ACTION IN YOUR STATE.  Dr. Kate, who’s been researching key questions about Barack Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS, just sent this URGENT-ACTION STORY:

By Dr. Kate, Guest Author

The stunning information recently revealed on Barack Obama forged COLB and potential multiple citizenship suggests that Barack H. Obama is not eligible under Article II of the US Constitution to serve as POTUS.

Because the DNC, and likely our respective state Democratic Committees, have not vetted Obama, it has been up to average American citizens to do so. I’ve put this short guide together based on my experience in my very red state to enable others to do so. This is my story.

For my state, and for others, it looks like the deadline for certifying the eligibility of Presidential candidates “under the constitution” to participate in caucuses, primaries and conventions has passed. Obama had to submit papers by Feb 8th 2008 in my state, as did other candidates. So it is assumed that the candidate the party puts forward is legit.

Now we see what the rush with Obama was. Get every state to certify him before any information came out on the eligibility issue—look at how close we are to the convention and he really has just been busted!

Nevertheless, it looks like challenges to eligibility are still allowed, but it may have to be done by the other party in each state. The time is NOW for everyone to get familiar with their state’s rules, and to call their state’s SOS with a basic outline of information, ask for instructions, and ask if the SOS would be interested in assisting.. Each state’s republican party may or may not be interested.

I initially contacted the state Secretary of State and talked with a staffer about certifying Presidential candidates under the Constitution and how it is done, what role the SOS has, and relevant dates for certification. I mentioned to the staffer that I had information relevant to Obama’s eligibility. I was directed to the state Democratic Party, but when I told the SOS I didn’t think they’d do anything, the SOS indicated they would refer the information to the appropriate individuals.

As predicted, when I contacted the state dem party they told me to go to the DNC or the FEC. Well the DNC won’t do anything, and the FEC really regulates money…so I called the state republican party, who was very interested in the information.

It may be that the best challenge will come from a totally “red” state, where Obama has no chance… a red state SOS challenging Obama’s eligibility under the Constitution—would make news and problems for Obama.

If Obama is found to be ineligible for POTUS under the constitution—the same requirement that each candidate had to participate in caucuses and primaries—then Obama was ineligible to participate in the caucuses & primaries!! The whole primary season would either be thrown out or Clinton would have to be the nominee. In many states, I believe his actions could be considered fraud.

Obama is in Hawaii starting on Friday….of course he will come back with a certified BC that has what he wants on it. Thus it is important NOW to start getting the information out so that the first question he gets when he gets back is, “do you have a new Birth Certificate?”

In summary:

Contact your Secretary of State

Contact Dem/Republican Parties

Write letters to the editor

Keep talking/writing about it NOW!

File information with Secretary of State

TWO ISSUES for ELIGIBILITY:1.  DUAL CITIZENSHIP: Obama likely had, and may still have, INDONESIAN  and/or KENYAN CITIZENSHIP, and therefore is ineligible to be POTUS under Art. II of the Constitution (NOTE:  this is NOT about where he was born or whether he’s a US citizen.  It’s about DUAL CITIZENSHIP, which creates DIVIDED LOYALTIES.

2. PHONY BIRTH CERTIFICATE:  Obama has REFUSED to show a hard copy of his REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE.  Evidence suggests that his BC may be in the name of BARRY SOETORO because he was likely adopted by his step-father LOLO SOETORO.   Has Obama been LYING ABOUT HIS DUAL CITIZENSHIP, LEGAL NAME, AND IDENTITY?

TD Request for Information: If you have state-specific contact information, please put it in a comment.

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2 Responses to “Obama,Birth Certificate – Eligibility Challenge State-by-State: ACT NOW”

  1. obama11799 Says:

    It’s interesting that this is yet another instance/example where an independent reporter/researcher is doing the job of the MSM. When important/valid questions about a candidate’s life go unanswered, as in Mr. Obama’s case, it seems more and more that the FIX is in on Election 2008.

    Thanks for sharing, Dr. Kate. Keep up the terrific work, Mr. Jones.


  2. jeanniejo Says:

    Thanks, Zach –

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