Obama, Larry Sinclair – Is there a “Brokeback Mountain” in Obama’s past?

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Is there a “Brokeback Mountain” in Obama’s past?

August 05, 2008 12:11 AM

Once again the courageous writer at SAVAGEPOLITICS has banged the proverbial nail right on the head. Below is an excerpt from this excellent piece on the “Change” we can expect from the self grandizing prophet, the great half white hope, the king of flip flop, Barack Hussein Obama.

As many new tales as he may try to spin, there remains the undeniable evidence thatthe majority of American voters actually cast their vote in support of his opponent, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. But Barack and his “new politics” won’t let facts like that stand in his way of the (formerly) democratic process. Haven’t you heard? There’s a new rooster in the henhouse that thinks he can out-fox We, the People.

But The People have noticed what Barack fails to see and hear. The narcissistic euphoria that keeps this false prophet happily and recklessly staggering from photo-op to photo-op seems to have clouded his highly touted ‘visionary judgment’. His supporters are now beginning to grumble about his flip-flopping reversals on the very principles he offered as “Change We Can Believe In”, but the opiate called self-aggrandizement keeps their discontented voices from reaching his ears. To the dismay of Obama Camp Officials, it seems more and more apparent that Mephistopheles is slyly and slowly moving over to our side; all within the details of the carefully crafted contract that they all agreed to. What’s that old saying? “Be careful of what you wish for?”

Kool Aid, rainbows, unicorns and flower-strewn magical paths to nowhere can offer no help to keep his sheep in lock step. Meanwhile, the specter of Larry Sinclair is manifesting more and more visibly on Barack’s Brokeback Mountain Trail to the White House. I hear that Mr. Sinclair will be participating in some media events soon that are sure to be entertaining. Add to that the fact that some of his more generous and zealous donors are now holding out while opting to see what happens, it becomes clear that the Democrats are in for a long and bloody battle. The up side (for us) is that Obama is so drunk on his own perfume that he still tenaciously clings to the audacious hope that nobody will abandon his ship, no matter what he says of does.

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