Obama’s Birth Certificate and the Suppression of Free Speech, Larry Sinclair

This is from Democracy Project:

Phil Orenstein • August 3, 2008 • Uncategorized

Blogger and Brooklyn College Professor of Business Mitchell Langbert has been doing a yeoman’s job investigating the records of Senator Obama’s birth certificate. Despite the pleas from many quarters of the blogosphere, thus far his birth certificate has not been made public, except for a proven forgery on the Daily Kos site and his own campaign site Fight the Smears. At this time, there is no proof that Barack Obama is a natural born citizen of the United States, and therefore no proof of his eligibility to be president. What should be a simple matter of producing a paper document from the State of Hawaii Public Information Office under the Freedom of Information Act especially for a candidate who seeks to promote change, openness and transparency, has turned into a crisis of stonewalling and fraud, offering up only blurred jpegs and photoshopped forgeries of the alleged original – a story that the media will hardly touch. But now the scandal has exploded into a rampage of intimidation, censorship and veiled threats by Obama’s supporters against bloggers and investigators who continue to pursue this issue. Now Professor Langbert’s blog has been shut down, just as traffic was increasing to his blog in support of a petition for the release of Obama’s true birth certificate. In place of the media’s dereliction of duty to inform the public, it falls on the shoulders of such blogs as the Democracy Project, on which Langbert was a former blogger, to expose the full story.

As the recent firestorm was brewing over the absence of Obama’s actual birth certificate, Daily Kos published a jpeg image to quell the swirling rumors that Obama’s country of birth was not United States of America and questions about his religion, his original name, his mother’s country of birth, and his father’s origins. Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs has a reader named Techdude, a certified forensic computer examiner, who began an investigation into the authenticity of the document. Techdude lists as his credentials, membership in the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, American College of Forensic Examiners, The International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners, and other similar organizations. As his rigorous analysis proceeded, someone tracked down his name and address and vandalized his car and hung a mutilated rabbit from his front door in order to frighten him to cease publication of the results of his investigation, which was the evidence that the birth certificate proved to be a fraud.

Political blogger Raquel Okyay sumed up the feelings of many fellow Americans who are sick and tired of being spoon fed political propaganda by the media. If people continue to be content to put certain media stars up on pedestals, neither questioning the facts nor holding these political leaders to account, they will then be ruled by the leaders they deserve.

Recovering a true copy of Obama’s birth certificate IS important to the general public, because he is being interviewed by us for the most important job in the world, the President of the United States. Unfortunately major networks or newspapers are not covering this story, because if they can keep you from learning new information about Obama, the better chance their candidate will win. This type of media, elitist attitude assumes that the average American fed their propaganda, spoon by spoon, are more or less too dumb to see the clear bias in their reporting. Ha! Welcome to the internet, where the voices of average Americans are heard.

Regardless of the candidate, trust is a big issue with the public, and if it is true that Obama’s campaign doctored his birth certificate, it is important that we know it. It doesn’t matter where the “rumor” started, what matters is that as American citizens we have the right by law to learn the truth, it’s called the “Freedom of Information Act”, and it’s at our disposal. So, don’t be scared off by a group of people not interested in truth finding, instead dig, dig and dig.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, Langbert acted on his right to obtain access to the authentic document and requested the same from the State of Hawaii. However, his request was denied in a letter from Janice Okubo, Public Information Officer of the Communications Office of the State of Hawaii who justified the denial by citing state law under a section of the Hawaii Revised Statutes which she claims overrides the federal provisions of FOIA. After exhaustive research Langbert found that the Hawaiian statutes do not contradict federal laws for free public access to information. Rather, “the statute specifically permits divulging birth certificate information to anyone who has a vital interest in the information” and public requests for the birth certificate of a presidential candidate constitutes a vital interest. However, he was further stonewalled after repeated inquiries.

Recognizing this was a dead end, Langbert soon discovered a petition circulating in the State of Illinois demanding that “Barack Hussein Obama produce documentation of American citizenship in the form of a legal birth certificate.” He focused on supporting this approach encouraging the residents of the State of Illinois to sign the petition, although as he noted, a previous petitioner who put the petition up on the website Birth Certificate Now was tracked down and threatened by Obama supporters to close his website. According to blogger Rorschach, the site operator reported:

Petition Closed

A veiled threat was made against myself and my family which included our home address, so I have decided to close the petition for good. It is truly sad that political discourse in our country has come to this.

As the volume of traffic was increasing to over 250 hits on Langbert’s blog in support of the Illinois petition, Blogger the blogspot engine owned by Google put a block on his account denying access to further blogging. Yesterday, I received the following in an email from him:

Dear Friends: I have been using blogspot for about a year and enjoy it very much. I am a professor of business at Brooklyn College and include notes from my academic reading as well as political blogs that are somewhat controversial on my blog, http://www.mitchell-langbert.com. I have had over 7,100 individual views since March 23, 08. I happen to be a Republican and favor John McCain for president. I have blogged some anti-Obama blogs, nothing that ought to be problematic from offensive content or similar kind of concern. However, somehow, right after I got an increase in traffic from some blogs I did on the Obama campaign, my access to the blog was blocked due to an allegation, which was of course false, that my blog is a “spam” blog.

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs reported the news that at the same time seven other Blogger accounts critical of Obama were likewise closed down and added Langbert’s blog to the growing list. They each received email notices from the Blogger team indicating that their blogs were identified as potential spam blogs and that “you will not be able to publish posts to your blog until we review your site and confirm that it is not a spam blog.”

All indications are that this goes far beyond the level of the accidental and that Google and the Blogger team has abused its power by effectively censoring free speech in America. In a draft of a letter to Google’s Vice President, Vinton G. Cerf, Langbert warns the management of the danger of the Blogger platform being hijacked as a partisan tool by Obama’s supporters:

I raise this question with Google’s management because your policy against Spam has been turned into a policy that facilitates a malicious form Spam-the kind that suppresses free discourse and exploits your firm into becoming a malicious tool of the Obama campaign. The individuals who are reporting something like 10 anti-Obama sites as Spam are as culpable as those who would use your company’s blog site for unethical purposes. Hence, there needs to be better balance in your policy, and Google needs to improve its PR by coming out and publicly stating that you support free speech and that you will block further complaints from those who complained about my and the other blogs.

Langbert’s blog has just now become accessible, and he has posted a rejoinder excoriating the Obama campaign and their minions of likeminded thugs who would resort to violence and coercive measures to shut down free speech and censor contrary viewpoints rather than engage in civic minded debate. These “left-wing hooligans” will use any means of power at their disposal to silence and quash civil discourse and when positions of authority are not at hand, they will resort to raw violence, threats and intimidation to trample opposing views in order to achieve their socialist dreams. In his own words:

This incident sheds a bit more light on Mr. Obama. It is fair to judge a candidate by the nature of his supporters. Nor is this kind of behavior unrelated to a long history of left-wing hooliganism and violence. The ideology of socialism is the most macabre in the history of the world. Obama does not claim to be a socialist, but rather a “progressive”, a social democrat, who utilizes socialistic rhetoric but avoids being pinned down to appeal to his real clientele: investment bankers, Morgan Stanley, George Soros and Warren Buffett….

The naked lust for power cloaked in the garb of “change”, “justice”, “reform” or “revolution” is nothing new. There was enough blood let in the last century to drown all of Obama’s supporters. The willingness to defraud, lie, and manipulate is characteristic of a social democratic or socialist demagogue like Mr. Obama. The deceit that Mr. Obama’s followers exhibit characterizes his campaign’s values.

Professor Langbert’s vigorous activities to question, seek answers, and hold public officials accountable, should be held up as an exemplary model of the American citizen who is not content to be seduced by the force of ignorance or the status quo. His actions demonstrate one more reason why the repressive bastions of the media and academia are dying and the free blogosphere is alive and well, and any attempt by radical thugs to commandeer the tools of this venue as Google has allowed, must be vigorously fought.

End of Article:

When will the media assist in finding the truth? When will the media investigate the allegations of Larry Sinclair that he and Sen. Obama used cocaine and engaged in consensual gay sex in 1999.

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