Obama & Larry Sinclair – Military Veterans Favor McCain 56% to 37%

At least our military and our Veterans have not lost their minds. They are still able to see through the media show that is propping up Senator Obama.

The same media that refuses to investigate anything that may be harmful to Obama. Issues like: Tony Rezko and allegations of political corruption, Rev. Wright and William Ayers and their hate America message, allegations of hiring thugs to patrol the internet to intimidate opposing voices, allegations of having used crack concaine and engaged in gay sex with Larry Sinclair in 1999.

When America wakes up and finds that they are well on the path to excessive governmental control and socialism, it will be too late. However, our enemies are not going to join us on that path or the Obama myth. They wait for us to lower our guard. That is the choice for Americans. I hope they choose wisely.

This is from Rasmussen Reports:

Military Veterans Favor McCain 56% to 37%


–>Voters who have served in the U.S. military favor John McCain over Barack Obama by a 56% to 37% margin.

This data, from a Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey, is based upon interviews with 3,000 Likely Voters, including 588 voters who have served in the military. Voters with no military service favor Obama 50% to 43%.

The survey was conducted July 21-23 while Obama was on an overseas tour that included Afghanistan and Iraq. Overall, the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll showed Obama leading 48% to 45% (with leaners) over those three days.

But a separate survey also found that 63% of Americans do not believe the stopovers in the two war-torn countries made the Democratic candidate any more qualified to be president.

The same survey also found that less than a third (32%) thought Obama learned from his trip to Iraq, while 40% said his mind was already made up about how to deal with the war there.

Obama on Tuesday at a press conference in Jordan defended his plan to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq over a 16-month period. Gen. David H. Petraeus, the U.S. commander in Iraq, with whom he met, opposes a timeline of any kind, but Obama wants to put more forces in Afghanistan.

In the new survey, 61% of military veterans have a favorable opinion of McCain while 46% say the same about Obama. Thirty-seven percent (37%) have an unfavorable opinion of McCain while 51% offer an unfavorable opinion of Obama.

Twenty-four percent (24%) of veterans have a Very Favorable opinion of the GOP candidate while 17% hold a Very Unfavorable view. The numbers for his Democratic opponet are 27% Very Favorable and 36% Very Unfavorable.

Veterans also prefer Republicans by 10 percentage points on the Generic Congressional Ballot. Those without military experience favor Democrats by a 48% to 32% margin. Overall, Democrats lead by nine percentage points on the Generic Congressional Ballot.

Thirty-seven percent (37%) of veterans say that economic issues are most important in Election 2008 while 29% cite national security issues. For those without military service, 47% see the economy as most important and 21% say national security.

While those with a military background favor McCain, that’s not the case for those with immediate family members in the military. There is no significant difference between the views of those with military family members and those without.

Among those with close friends or relatives serving in Iraq, 44% favor McCain and 44% prefer Obama. Obama leads by seven among those who don’t have a close friend or relative in Iraq.

Obama has not served in the military. McCain, a Navy combat pilot in the Vietnam War, was shot, imprisoned and tortured in the infamous “Hanoi Hilton” for six years.

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2 Responses to “Obama & Larry Sinclair – Military Veterans Favor McCain 56% to 37%”

  1. sisterrosetta Says:

    “EXCLUSIVE! OBAMA’S FAKE BIRTH CERTIFICATE: How the forgery was made.”


    Please see Polarik’s latest at above link. And also see Polarik’s comments at Free Republic in comments section.

  2. obama11799 Says:

    Senator Obama,

    Why did you snub the brave American men and women in uniform in defense of their country during your visit overseas?


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