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Larry Sinclair has a new post up. Sinclair has compared information on the death certificate of Donald Young to the announcement of Young’s death by Jeremiah Wright. Sinclair also provides information on the death of Nate Spencer and Larry Bland.


Posted by Larry Sinclair on July 18th, 2008

Certified Copies of Death Certificates Raise even More Questions

Below is the Chicago Television News report on the murder of Trinity United Christian Church Choir Director and openly gay lover of presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama.

Now I have the following questions to ask based on fact, not fiction as has been claimed by the Obama internet warrior.

1.   Jeremiah Wright announced Donald Young’s death at either the 7:30 AM or 11:00 AM Service. Based on the Certified copy of Chicago Death Certificate on Donald Young, Young was “found shot at 7:30 am,” but was not pronounced dead in his apartment from multiple gunshot wounds by Medical Examiner until 12:10 PM, Sunday December 23, 2007.

How did Jeremiah Wright already know Donald Young was dead?  Who told him?

The following information is also provided to demonstrate that which I have always stated was my knowledge, instead of the pro Obama factions making claims I have accused Obama of being involved in multiple murders.

I have always stated that while Larry Bland was indeed the victim of murder (Bland was pronounced dead by Medical Examiner of Multiple gun shot wounds November 17, 2007 at 8:40 AM) I have always stated it was my belief Young’s murder was intentionally made to appear to have been committed by the same killer of Bland.

Nate Spencer was not murdered, and in fact the information that I posted and informed people was my understanding is in fact verified based on the certified copy of the Death Certificate of Nate Spencer.  Nate Spencer pronounced dead of natural causes, “septicemia, pneumonia, HIV December 26, 2007 at 6:31 AM”

I repeat my above question:  How did Jeremiah Wright already know Donald Young was dead?  Who told Wright that Young was dead well before Donald Young was pronounced dead?”

Read more about this story here:

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5 Responses to “Donald Young murder, Jeremiah Wright, Larry Sinclair new post, OBAMA PASTOR JEREMIAH WRIGHT ANNOUNCES YOUNG DEATH BEFORE YOUNG IS PRONOUNCED DEAD!”

  1. rosettasister Says:

    Hi, zach jones!

  2. sisterrosetta Says:

    Take a look, if you are so inclined.

  3. rosettasister Says:

    (July 19, 2008) TexasDarlin to join Larry Sinclair in the Slammer?

    Ray in Australia, who has been spamming and trolling on my blog for a while now, was banned today for abusive comments.

    I guess he got pissed off, because he went over to a pro-Obama blog dedicated to defending Obama’s suspicious birth certificate, and left a comment about me that ends with this:

    The big question now is – Will Obama accede to Texasdarlin’s demands – and will she be advised to bring her lawyer a toothbrush to the police station for the meeting – and should she be given the right to remain silent or should she be actively encouraged to keep shooting her mouth off?

    # Ray_in_Auson 19 Jul 2008 at 11:59 am

    So, my question for “Ray” is this:

    Exactly what are you suggesting will happen to me if I keep “shooting my mouth off?”

    Are you planning to have me arrested for questioning a Presidential candidate?

    Are you threatening me?

    Here is the e-mail and IP information Ray left on my blog, for the record:

    | | IP:

    NOTE: I have never known a pro-Hillary blogger to make threats against pro-Obama bloggers. See the Hate Mail link at the top of my blog for more illustrations of the thug-like tactics Obama supporters employ. So much for hope and change, huh?

  4. darlene007 Says:

    (((Zach007)))…I finally registered at Larry’s New Site. Like I told CW, I went with the Truth, DarleneIsMyCabbagePatchDoll, NOT ME, haha!!

    I hope you get well soon! I could Fed ex you some soup, haha! Did your fever break, yet?

    I miss you and BTW, the email you send me, BRILLIANT as always!!

    Email me when your on your next mission, LOL!


  5. sisterrosetta Says:

    (July 20, 2008) “Techdude: Obama COLB is a (Horrible) Forgery”

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