“The Contender”

Guest Author: LadyJustice

“The Contender”

“What we need in Denver is a One True Leader”

As I watched the final scene from this classic movie, (The Contender, 2000) I wanted to scream at the DNP and ask them, “Who has the Stellar Command to take the lead for Senator Hillary Clinton and demand an open vote on the floor in Denver? Are there any champions out there? So far all we have seen is cowards and spin! Who will be the person to stand and point their finger to Congress and say, I should pointed a finger your way and ask you have you no decency? A warrior to say to the DNP, “There are traitors among us, patriots to your party, but traitors to the necessary end result that of righteous and truth and making the American dream blind to gender”. What conqueror will stand in the face of adversity and say, Let me make one thing clear, you can come at us with whatever weapons you have in your arsenal, but there is no weapon as powerful as that of an idea whose time has come? A woman will serve as the highest level of the executive, simple as that”! Where is the “One True Leader” in the DNP that will demand an open vote for delegates to elect Senator Hillary Clinton as the Nominee for the Democratic President of the United States?

If only people were as great as the movie makers make us appear! There are 18 million of us looking for that one person that fits the description of a real LEADER in the DNP. Where is our Jeff Bridges from this movie? What will history write about the DNP when this election is over? I know the DNP will not receive the high honors that this movie received, at best we are looking at the lowest rating Congress with Screaming Dean, Nancy the Nasty and Donna the Destroyer attempting to make us drink the cherry kool-aid or else.

“If anything can sum up this film, it’s the impassioned speech which Bridges gives towards the end of the proceedings. His words are fiery and dramatic, wallowing in theatrics but also displaying a lot of courage. Most movies of this type have speeches like that, and they remain enticing despite their cornier aspects. Real-life politicians rarely take gutsy stands. They never make a call that could cost them their career, or risk their positions for the sake of an abstract idea. The Contender wants us to believe that they should take stands like that, and despite a few missteps, ultimately makes us think that we can”.(http://www.flipsidemovies.com/contender.html)

”This is our Senator Hillary Clinton”!

The past, present and future all summed up in one video that can be said about what happened to our beloved former first Lady, Senator Clinton! While listening to the YouTube provided, substitute the name of Lana and replace it with Hillary! We will forgive, but we will not forget! We are taking it to Denver!

-Where is our party leader demanding that our party rise for Senator Clinton?

-We need a hero, which one of you will it be?

-Who will hold the DNP accountable for the shame you have brought unto our party?

-When we say, “NO to Obama,” you did not listen. Are you listening now?

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2 Responses to ““The Contender””

  1. sisterrosetta Says:

    “BHO will not be able to win re-election to the Senate in 2010 when they get done with him, because they are going to destroy him.”

    From a Trusted Source:

    Re: Any more predictions?!

    HRC needs a big push for fundraising in July….because she has a very real shot at beating BHO in fundraising for the month. If she does, the bulk of that money would go to HillPac, as her debt will have been repaid. A large HillPac fund means she can influence superdelegates, because she has the cash to help all who supported her. BHO will not have any cash to be able to do that.

    We need $18 million between now and the Convention, but I would like to see that raised between today and the last day of July. It’s not a lot if we work really, really hard and get creative.

    The problem is that we are no longer reaching people who do not come to HRC sites on the internet. I am thinking of ways to do that, but have struck out so far. Because HRC can longer tell people in primetime to donate via HillaryClinton.com, I don’t know how to get through to people who don’t read blogs.

    Please help find a way to do that.

    I actually think his birth certificate coming out in July will be what you are seeing — it will say one of the following:

    (1) BHO’s parents aren’t married
    (2) BHO’s father is listed as Arab and muslim and not black
    (3) BHO has, possibly, the name Muhammad either before or after Hussein in his name (speculated online with no backup, but it’s interesting theory)
    (4) Birth certificate shows a non-US birth

    There is a reason this certificate is being hidden from the press…we just need to figure out why.

    Nothing the GOP has will be used before the Convention…I have that on direct authority from McCain camp. They don’t tell me what they have, but they have told me that BHO will not be able to win re-election to the Senate in 2010 when they get done with him, because they are going to destroy him.

    That will happen only when he becomes the nominee. They know HRC will win this if she is the nom, and they do not want to see that happen.


  2. sisterrosetta Says:


    See just the banter between pissant and wtc911 at:


    Or read the whole thing:


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