Sen. Obama – I Had a Dream Last Night

(This Dream Actually Occurred)

July 8, 2008 by ZachJonesIsHome

Last night, I dreamt that I was on a street in a mountainous region of Iran, near a nuclear weapons research center. I looked over the horizon and saw several hundred Israeli jets screaming down upon the mountain. Missiles, hundreds of missiles were fired and everything was ablaze. I felt a rumbling beneath my feet and looked towards the distant ridge. I was amazed to see whole sections of the ridgeline, hundreds of homes disappearing into the ground. Everything disappeared until the nothingness was within a hundred yards of me. Seeing some sort of intensely hot gaseous vapor rising from the rip in the earth, I realized there had been a massive underground nuclear explosion. I managed to climb into a vacant home and shut the windows and wait for the pain, heat, and poison to overtake me. I sat near the window, listening to the screams and the sound of scorched air making it own wind, and surveyed the devastation as far as one could see.

The scene changed and I was with a large group of people in a large auditorium. Again the terrific rumbling came. I knelt to the floor, listened, and put my hand down. It was intensely hot, fire just a few inches away, and I could sense the earth giving way beneath the floor. Noticing a person in panic, I went to give comfort. As I was making my way across room, I saw a Rabbi with his hand against the door. He turned, and in loud but soft voice said, “Death comes from beneath us today.” I awoke and lay thinking about this the rest of the night.

At first I thought maybe I had had a premonition. I dismissed that idea fairly quickly since I have never had one before. Things and events have occurred from time to time that I had previously considered or envisioned. However, all of those were based on a logical chain of events. So, I began to consider the Rabbi’s statement, “Death comes from beneath us today.”

First I considered what I believe about Iran and their intentions:

· Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has at every opportunity insisted that Israel would be wiped from the map and cease to exist in the not too distant future.

· There have been constant denials from Iran of any intent to weaponize their nuclear program, even in the face of growing contra indicators and information.

· Iran has been training counter insurgents in Iraq who have been instrumental in the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands of our soldiers.

· Iran supports many terrorist groups in the region which are working to see the destruction of Israel. The list goes on, and on, and on, and on.

From the Israeli prospective, one does not need to say a lot other than they have lived surrounded by people who seriously want to see their destruction, and if Iran becomes a Nuclear Power with its current leadership, Israel’s survival would be in ominous danger.

“Death comes from beneath us today,” means what then? Was it a literal descriptive narration? Dreams rarely are so literal in my experience. I tend to think it was a metaphor for something else. Something beneath the surface of a possibly controllable reality that makes it uncontrollable for Israel. Something that causes Israeli jets to attack Iran which will set off a totally unpredictable set of consequences for Israel and the entire world.

I think it is safe to say that the situation of Iran having nuclear weapons is so wildly against Israel’s survival interest, that there exists a distinct probably that an attack by Israel could occur at any moment. What factor(s) might make the controllable uncontrollable? I believe that a possible change in the level of support from the United States of America ushered in by the election of a new President could be one such factor. If Iran believes that the new incoming administration would be more ambivalent towards the issue of a nuclear Iran, Israel would be put in a position of increased peril. This is the meaning and warning that I attribute to the words “Death comes from beneath us today.”

Given the choice between Senator McCain and Senator Obama, it is reasonably clear to me that if I were Iran, I would much prefer Senator Obama as the President of my enemy. This is because, from their prospective, he would be more likely to be manipulated and/or less likely to take strong stances that they would believe or respect. It is my understanding that Senator Obama has in fact received the “endorsements” of several terrorist organizations and leaders like Chavez and Castro. I would suggest their support is not because they love him, but because he appears to them to be the weaker opponent.

The Senator’s wavering on the whole issue of when to wear a flag lapel pin or when to cover his heart while saying the Pledge of Allegiance might indicate to our adversaries someone who is not as committed to the interests of the United States when compared to his own.

Senator Obama started out the campaign season stating that he would go and talk to our enemies, such as Iran. At the time, he did not use any qualifiers such as prior planning, laying the groundwork, etc. This statement only demonstrated to the world a clear naiveté regarding global relationships and perilous negotiations with dangerous adversaries.

Since I have been writing a lot about Larry Sinclair’s allegations that he and Senator Obama had a couple of instances of crack cocaine use and gay sex in 1999, I assumed this would also factor into my interpretation. My focus regarding these issues has primarily addressed media bias and the way the main stream media appears to continue in their obstinate refusal to investigate or cover these allegations. I believe that had these allegations been leveled against Senator McCain or Clinton the Media would be all over them. (I won’t go into the numerous reasons that I believe the allegations have a more than remote possibility of being true in this instance.)

Given the fact that there is widespread (global) knowledge of these allegations, it seems to me that Senator Obama and the Media who supports him would vigorously try to quickly and definitively put these issues to rest by proving them false. It is critical to the diplomacy of the United States that the countries with whom we continue to negotiate on critical national security issues should at the very least respect Senator Obama as a man. I’m sure most of you are aware of the extreme disdain that many Islamic cultures have for homosexual activity, in some countries it can result a death sentence. Therefore, such a possible perception regarding Senator Obama clearly affects his credibility in the eyes of many who would sit across the negotiating table.

Additionally, it has been reported that several of Senator Obama’s close advisers (Rev. Wright for one) have been repeatedly accused of being anti-Semitic, which only adds to Israel’s angst. The Senator’s mantra of ‘that’s not the _(insert name)_ I once knew’ strains credulity.

Senator, I actually considered your candidacy in the beginning until I started paying attention. Now I can’t help but think that the possibility of a similarly horrific scene, as the one in my dream, is much more likely to occur should you become President – due to your naiveté regarding foreign policy and diplomacy, your close associations with accused anti-Semites, the self-serving support from terrorist organizations that you have received, and the reckless statements that you have made during the primaries.

I would suspect that when Israel sees the multitudes of Americans who appear to be putting their heads in the sand in the face of the very real and present dangers that exist from Islamic terrorists, they must be very troubled.

I hope I sleep better tonight.

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2 Responses to “Sen. Obama – I Had a Dream Last Night”

  1. sisterrosetta Says:

    Tuesday, July 08, 2008

    Larry Sinclair, Obama’s bad penny


    You might recall Larry Sinclair was the person who claimed to have smoked crack and had gay sex with Obama back in 1999. The allegation surfaced back in January 2008 via an infamous YouTube video. At the time it was blown off as a crank who was just out to smear “The Lightworker”, probably put up to it by the Clintons, who are not exactly squeamish about playing dirty. Remember Vince Foster’s little walk in the park? Well, that bad penny just won’t go away. The story refuses to die, and in fact keeps growing and expanding.

    According to a sworn affidavit signed by Larry Sinclair, Sinclair contacted Obama’s campaign back in September 2007 concerning Obama’s statement concerning when he had last used crack cocaine. Sinclair claimed that he felt that it was important that the voters know about Obama’s more recent cocaine use. Sinclair wanted Obama to publically admit that he had used cocaine as recently as 1999.

    Sinclair claimed that he had made a number of calls that were not returned, then in October 2007, A man identifying himself as Mr. Young called him back and interrogated Sinclair as to who he had told about the encounter and why he had not mentioned the sex angle. Since Sinclair claims to have not mentioned the sex and that Mr Young was the first to broach the subject, this would tend to indicate that Mr Young was well aware of what had happened in that Limo.

    A couple weeks later, Sinclair claims that Mr Young called back, and through his tone and content of the conversation, he claims it became clear to him that Mr. Young was not in fact a campaign staffer, but was in fact an intimate of Obama. Further, by this time, Sinclair had moved to Delaware and had not told the Obama Campaign where he had moved to, or how he could be reached, but yet they found him anyway, which indicates that he was the subject of some form of surveillence or investigation, which would seem reasonable given the circumstances.

    A week or so later he claims to have recieved a text message from Mr. Young stating that he was intimate with Obama and that he, Obama and Obama’s pastor (that would be the infamous Jeremiah Wright) were discussing how to disclose the drug use and that he wanted to ensure that no mention of the incident had been made or would be made to anyone.

    Again in November another text message to yet a different undisclosed cell number in yet another state (Minnesota this time) that Obama was going to disclose his drug use and that there was no reason for Sinclair to disclose anything to anyone. By December, it was clear that Obama was not going to disclose anything to anyone and that Mr Young was merely stringing him along to milk him for information, so Sinclair decided to go public. Hence the Youtube video.

    Mr Young turns out to be one Donald Young, an openly gay Chior director at Trinity United Church, and fourth grade math teacher. On December 23, Mr. Young was murdered in his home, and his killer has not been found. Mr. Young was not the only gay black victim of murder in Chicago, There were two other gay men that were murdered within days of each other, Kevin Clewer, and Larry Bland. All three died within a 40 day period.

    Now, this is starting to sound really fishy.

    Read the whole thing.

  2. darlene007 Says:

    Brilliant…but scary…and what a nightmare! I think your fear of what Obama has to offer is getting into your dreams. Thank you for sharing this and making another article that is five stars! You are an inspiration to us all! Keep writing..someone out there reading your wonderful, masterful works will finally understand!

    (ZACH007 from Darlene007)
    *Have a great night and let’s hope your next dream is SWEET..LOL*

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