Serenity Prayers for Sen. Obama, The Media, & Larry Sinclair

Suggested Prayers From a Concerned Citizen

Obama’s Prayer

Lord grant Senator Obama the serenity to accept his embrace of the controversial people from his past and the things he’s done that convey culpability from his past for which he has tried so hard to hide or brush aside;

The courage to take responsibility for the implicit approval all such people and their ideas, as was demonstrated through the affirmative step of seeking to create relationships which would stand the test of time and for such acts, if true, upon review by any reasonable person would impart a sense of criminal conduct;

And the wisdom to know the difference between owning up and covering up.

Larry Sinclair’s Prayer

Lord grant Larry Sinclair the serenity to accept his past culpable behavior and his stated objective to present his story to the American public so that the every person will have complete information concerning his allegations against Senator Obama, and then leaving it to each person to decide what and who they choose to believe;

The courage to tell the complete truth, whatever it may be, including those things that raise questions concerning Mr. Sinclair’s own credibility, the courage to withstand the vicious attacks that he and his family have already endured and surely will continue to endure, especially if the Media and Senator Obama can prove the allegations that Mr. Sinclair and the Senator engaged in the use of crack cocaine and gay sex in 1999 are not true;

And the wisdom to know when all of this ceases to be worth the pain and torture which he and his family have been put through to date – and probably will be put through in the weeks and months to come.

The Main Stream Media’s Prayer

Lord grant the Media the serenity to accept their bias that has permeated their reporting during this election and their susceptibility to pressure from the networks, leftist political forces and politicians that have caused them not to report legitimate issues or to report such issues in a light most favorable to said politicians and networks;

The courage to overcome and publicly admit their bias and susceptibilities to political pressures to the public; and to, from this point forward to live up to their responsibilities to investigate and hold all politicians accountable for their past culpable actions and past relationships that might impact each and every politician’s credibility, reliability, honesty, capability, and suitability for the Office of the Presidency in a fair and objective manner;

And the wisdom to know the difference between “Investigative Journalism” and “Sucking Hind Tit” in regards to the Truth and their professional responsibilities.

From me, I hope each of you say your prayers tonight.


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4 Responses to “Serenity Prayers for Sen. Obama, The Media, & Larry Sinclair”

  1. sisterrosetta Says:

    Mr. Jones,

    You have been one busy bee lately!

    You should live in Utah.

  2. sisterrosetta Says:

    Whether Obama is innocent of Larry’s claims or not…

    At least this Obama supporter is honest, which is more than I can say for Pepe.

    Tuesday, July 8, 2008

    An Obama Supporter explains the silence on the Larry Sinclair Issue

    The following comment comes from an Obama supporter.

    “Do you understand what would happen if the Obama campaign gave ANY response to Larry? That would cause a media circus. Around 15% of Americans STILL believe Obama is a muslim when that claim defies all logic and has been debunked.

    Whether Obama is innocent of Larry’s claims or not…

    ignoring them at this stage is the most LOGICAL thing he can do. Any response even one that debunks it dignifies it.”

    I guess that explains why we haven’t seen Larry on the “Fight the Smears” website.

    Posted by Boston Beatnik at 2:05 AM

  3. zachjonesishome Says:

    Sisterrosetta: I think the Obama supporter is probably right. They hope it will go away. The media is doing everything they can to aid in this desire.

    You are also right. I have been fairly busy. Zach

  4. darlene007 Says:

    Outstanding, Awesome and I don’t know what moment you find to sit and reflect and gain this insight, but whatever it is you is simply amazing! I admire your ability for writing and I think this is the best yet, then the next day, you come out with one even greater! Keep them articles coming because the world is watching and you are only telling the truth that the MSM will not tell!

    (((Zach007 from Darlene007)))

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