Obama- The Siren’s Promise


Allusion to the Promise

of the Siren

He whispers softly

Change You Can Believe In

Change…Trust, Trust, Trust, Trust, Trust, Trust….

I, and only I, have the knowledge you can believe in. Knowledge that will make your lives full, the world peaceful and your families safe rests in my bosom. Take my hand and sing with me my song, change is coming, change you can believe. Share my knowledge and my experience of all. All the others have been liars, there is only I to trust. Take my hand. Trust. Me. There are no rocks here in this sea, in our sea of change. Iran means nothing, nothing but a speck. Don’t worry. I will protect Israel. Islamic terror? Oh please. Where’s your faith? It’s me here. I am here. Together-together, you and I, we will make the world in our image. It will be a safe and marvelous world that we create. Take my hand. Trust – trust me. Sing with me.

I’m a f$#*ing idiot.

I’m a f$#*ing idiot.

A sheep-

To be led-

To the


A sheep-

To be led-

To the


Trust me. Change you can believe in. I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message.

Wake the f*&$ up!

My American Family is dreaming.

For me, this election has been the most frustrating and irritating in my life time. It seems that many of my neighbors and their children are so hungry for a story of hope that they will believe anything that is sung sweetly to them. And that is what it is. That’s the reality. We have a song of dreams that is professionally, maliciously, choreographed to sell the people a fairy tale.

The four Sirens (three was a Greek myth) are calling you. Soros, Axelrod, the Media, and Obama are calling. Don’t listen. Please. Wake up. Tie yourself to the mast of our ship if you have to, so we don’t go into the rocks. Look at what we know and the things that are alleged but not reported. I beg you.

If I have offended you, I apologize. We all need to do our own research about the Senator because the media reporting does not give a fair or realistic representation of who he is, ideology, or his past.

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7 Responses to “Obama- The Siren’s Promise”

  1. sisterrosetta Says:

    Nightwish – The siren (Lowlands 2005) – Tarja Turunen

    A lady with a violin,
    Playing to the seals
    Hearken to the sound of calling

    Who tied my hands to the wheel?
    The Zodiac turns over me!
    Come to me…
    Somewhere there my fate revealed…
    I hear but how will I see?

    I tied myself to the wheel
    The winds talk to my sails, not me
    Come to me…
    Somewhere there my fate revealed…
    I hear but how will I see?

  2. sisterrosetta Says:

    Look what is being done to Larry Sinclair. I “NEVER” believed this man. Now I believe every word — Where are the real reporters??


    Two years ago the Democrats made promises they couldn’t keep, just to get rid of the Republicans. Two years later what do we have? Oil skyrocketing. Look in your neighborhood at the foreclosures. Look at the cost of food and utilities. Look at the job loss of just two years with a Democrat majority.

    Now they want us to vote in a Democrat with baggage up to his eyes. Look at Obama’s district before he came into office and look at it now. This is the change we’re supposed to want? This is the face of the the new Democratic party?

    In ’96 Obama ran in Chicago under the new party ticket. As well as the Democratic ticket. Communist, Marxist, Socialist. The New Black Panthers play a key role in the New Party. Now tell us all again he never knew in ’96 what was being preached in his church? Yet his stayed, till it effected his campaign.

    He’s a strong supporter of women’s rights? He has less women on the payroll than McCain, and pays them less then the men. McCain has more women and pays them more.

    Most his votes affecting our rights are present, except for the one Reid held up for him and abortion. We women are much more than just one issue! Roe V Wade. Fearmongering! Roe V Wade is going NOWHERE. He’s voted against, or present on every issue that affects our children!

    He’s voted for criminals. He voted in favor of those that stalk, domestic violence, crimes against children. Rapist.

    The younger generation better open their eyes and see. Or they may have more than Roe V Wade used against them. If they think for one minute their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, fought for just one issue…They know nothing about history or how far we women have come. He voted against simple software which protects our children from predators at school. We won’t even talk about the 6 times he pushed the wrong button!

    Look what is being done to Larry Sinclair. I “NEVER” believed this man. Now I believe every word. Or why would they be going out of their way to silence him? Denying him legal counsil? False arrest? Delaware is denying him his civil rights! “Joe Biden” has sat back and allowed it to happen. Or has he been in on it? I don’t hear Joe speaking. Civil Liberty groups are where??? Oh that’s right Obama is not a Republican. They’ve taken away the man’s Social Security, the only means he had to support himself!

    They’ve arrested him. Not a lawyer in Delaware will represent him. Yet he’s still standing by his story. That speaks a plethora of who is telling the truth in this case. They should have let it go, very few were listening. Now they’ve brought it to the attention of so many with their persecution of this man. Where’s the MSM coverage on this? Even if they don’t believe what the man is saying. What’s being done to him should be covered!!

    This is just a few examples of what you won’t see in the MSM. There are hundreds. Like the law he passed extending health care to our troops. He didn’t write it, he didn’t sponsor it, he didn’t co-sponser it. He didn’t even take the time to vote on it!! The silence from the MSM when he ran the ad on television was deafening. Just as it is on all of the above. Where are the real reporters??

    Posted by: Diana | July 3, 2008 5:23 PM

  3. sisterrosetta Says:

    (July 4, 2008) Happy Fourth! Eat lots of watermelon!

    Democracy is the recurrent suspicion that more than half of the people are right more than half the time.

    E. B. White, New Yorker, July 3, 1944
    US author & humorist (1899 – 1985)

    Lee Greenwood – God Bless The USA

  4. sisterrosetta Says:

    Mitch is Scott Covington

    By: Cao, Filed under: Psycho @ 10:31 am


    Undeniably according to my sources, Mitch from the Mitch and Nan Show, who has been harassing me,


    my family and others- and even emailed me after I told him to stop – is Scott Covington, who is promoting a radio appearance sometime this weekend or shortly thereafter.

    The 832-331-5624 number he is using as a contact number is registered to one Scott Covington of Houston, Texas, according to my sources (which are pretty darned solid).

    Since Scott posted my full social security number, unlisted phone number, and similar details about my neighbors, former neighbors and relatives, and even former inlaws and my former father-in-law who passed away some years ago now, in addition to people who have the same name as I do from across the country (in an attempt to imply I have a rap sheet), a phone number seems rather insignificant in comparison.

    According to the Hillary Clinton forum, Scott Covington, A drudge impersonator is trying to interfere with the D.Young police investigation


  5. sisterrosetta Says:

    (July 4, 2008) Independence Day – Raw Video: Daring Colombia Hostage Rescue

    PlusRaw Video: Daring Colombia Hostage RescueRaw Video: Daring Colombia Hostage RescueThe Associated PressA video taken during the Colombian mission that rescued 15 hostages shows them hugging one another and crying tears of joy. (July 4)This video contains ONLY natural sound. No script is available.

  6. sisterrosetta Says:

    (July 5, 2008) PUMA: Kiss Him Goodbye, Hillary!!!

    Added: July 01, 2008

    I know this is four days old, but hadn’t seen until today.

  7. Obama - Bernie Goldberg - Media Pitchen and Catchen - Atlas Shrugs - Just Words - Siren’s Song « "The BOPAC Report" & Larry Sinclair’s Allegations - ZachJonesIsHome Says:

    […] Obama’s Words – words of appeasment, apology, and blame for America.  Words of the Siren’s Song that warned you  during the […]

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