Citizenwells’ Blog is Inactive??? Censorship??? Denying Free Speech?

Below you will find Citizenwells’ post on Mr. Sinclair’s Blog.

· citizenwells Says:
Thursday, June 5, 2008 at 7:20 am

Hi all.
Logged on this morning and my account is inactive. I emailed them.
Can’t imagine they would be stupid enough to shut me down. I will give them the benefit of the doubt. I hear that the moron twins got a reprimand. This could be a reprisal. Obviously I have a long term plan to move forward if necessary. I also have a technical background. Even though I have been out of the IT field for years, when I began in 1970, we dealt with bits and bytes. All computing is based on that.
Also, I had already planned to initiate congressional hearings on the control, manipulation and withholding of information on par with that of Orwell’s 1984. If an attempt is being made to prevent more information about Obama from getting out, it will just add fuel to the fire.
The no brainer is, we can’t all be shut down. They can’t murder all of us.
Minimally in the short term, if necessary, I will share any articles and information I have.
So, I will wait a short time and see. If attacked, i am prepared for war.
Citizen Wells


2 Responses to “Citizenwells’ Blog is Inactive??? Censorship??? Denying Free Speech?”

  1. sisterrosetta Says:

    Dear Citizen:

    sisterrosetta reporting for duty.

    thank you, Zach Jones for being here.

  2. obambi Says:

    what happened?

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