June 1st update from Mr. Larry Sinclair’s Blog

This is from Mr. Sinclair’s blog on June 1, 2008. Click here to go to participate!

“I am indeed speaking with both National and International Media here in DC.

I have not withheld anything from any of them. Tomorrow, Monday June 2, 2008, I will post a update on the legal representation in the current civil suit in the US District Court in DC and possible additional legal actions against Barack Obama directly.

I have made some good progress here in getting people to listen. Sorry but I cannot give any more specific details at this time. As you all should have noticed by know the Daily Kos and other Obama Blogs have already begun to yet again twist the facts in their “Damage Control” efforts. ”

Mr. Sinclair’s blog is HERE!

2 Responses to “June 1st update from Mr. Larry Sinclair’s Blog”

  1. sisterrosetta Says:


    Kirsten Powers

    June 2, 2008


    At a rally a few blocks from the DNC meeting, a New Republic reporter witnessed Clinton supporters fawning over Larry Sinclair, a Minnesotan peddling fliers titled, “Obama’s Dirty Little Secrets: Murder, Drugs, Gay Sex.” Sinclair has posted YouTube videos alleging he used cocaine with Obama and performed a sex act on him in 1999. One Hillary supporter advised Sinclair, “You could improve your credibility if you downplayed the gay sex and focused on the drugs.”

  2. sisterrosetta Says:

    Here Comes The Michelle Tape – Right After The Last Primaries – Updated!
    Published by AJStrata at 7:29 am


    Major Update: While the ‘rumors’ of the tape were hinted at this morning on talk radio, nothing major was discussed as far as I could tell (I only get to listen to small bits, if at all). But one bit of critical information was let out by Jed Babbit (spelling?) this morning as he sat in for Laura Ingraham: it turns out the tape does not have Louis Farrakhan and Michelle Obama, it has Mrs. Farrakhan and Michelle. This revelation tells me (again) that the media has the tape and are working with someone to time its release, still expected for tomorrow sometime.

    As I predicted below and yesterday it seems Clinton will not end her campaign, but simply suspend it tonight, with the tape coming out (coincidentally) tomorrow before a wave of Super Delegate pronouncements hit the news. As I noted below I find the collusion with the media (left or right) on determining the timing of this news to be totally improper and manipulation of our democratic process. – end update

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